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Introducing the Losant Internet of Things Kit Store

Charlie Key
Charlie Key 2 minute read

Since we launched our platform a couple months ago, we’ve given out hundreds of hardware kits (the last few are going out as I write this). The demand for these have been so high that we decided to create a store for these Internet of Things kits. It’s a pleasure to announce that today we open our IoT store with three purpose-made kits.

The main focus for our IoT store is to provide you curated hardware options that are both fun and solve everyday problems. Our store doesn't include random parts and pieces. Each item is a ready-to-assemble kit with detailed instructions.

We're launching the store with the three kits (Losant Builder Kit, Moisture Sensor Kit, and Door Sensor Kit) listed below. All are available in limited quantities so grab them fast.

Losant Builder Kit

This kit includes enough hardware to start building a variety of small IoT projects that work hand-in-hand with our awesome platform. This kit is based off the Adafruit Feather Huzzah.

Losant Builder Kit

The Builder Kit is available with a price of $24.95.


Moisture Sensor Kit

Keep track of the happiness of your plants with this interactive kit. The kit includes everything needed to create a Internet connected moisture sensor that can notify you when you plant needs some water. An ESP8266 NodeMCU dev kit powers this.

Moisture Sensor Kit

The Moisture Sensor kit is available with a price of $19.95.


Door Sensor Kit

Stay up to date with what doors and windows are open and being used with this magnetic door sensor kit. This kit includes everything needed to stay notified in real-time of when doors and windows have been opened and closed. An ESP8266 NodeMCU dev kit powers this.


The Door Sensor Kit is available with a price of $19.95


All three kits are available today in limited quantities. Kits are available for shipping worldwide. If you're interested in all three kits we are selling them in a bundle at over a 15% discount.

We hope you enjoy our kit store and look forward to seeing what you build! Our goal is to expand the store fairly often. If you have any kit ideas for the store or want to help develop one please reach out at

Charlie Key

CEO and Co-founder of Losant and Lover of all things technology.