CES is the global stage for innovation. Even pioneering thinkers need to get the tech right. That’s why you should be talking to Losant. Our ability to easily bring a variety of technologies together is what defines us. Usability empowers our clients to innovate, scale and deliver tailored solutions to their customers. Whether you want to meet over coffee or a beer, you’ll see why it’s a worthwhile meeting. We look forward to connecting with you.


Our Experts


Charlie Key


Charlie has a deep understanding of enterprise, software sales, and partnerships. He is well-versed on all of the ways that technology can align with an organization’s innovative business goals. Talk to Charlie about expanding offerings for your business with IoT.

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Adam Daniel


Adam is the VP of Enterprise Solutions for Losant. He helps clients build secure and scalable IoT solutions, even if they are unsure where to start. Using his experience, Adam can identify how the Losant application enablement platform can help solve your complex business problems. Talk to Adam about our Proof of Concept Process.

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Craig Baldwin


Craig Baldwin, Partnerships Director at Losant, manages channel and technology relationships, as well as key strategic partners such as Verizon, Singtel, Cree, and Itron to ensure a mutually beneficial go-to-market strategy. Talk to Craig about partnerships.

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Pat Hughes


Pat Hughes, the Telecommunications Business Development Executive for Losant, has more than 20 years in telecommunications and industrial IoT experience and has brought solutions to market for Verizon and Qualcomm. Talk to Pat about how Losant helps exceed the needs of network providers.

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Steve Mandery


Steve is the Director of Business Development for Losant. Using his experience with integrating IoT for new business opportunities and managing smart environment accounts, Steve can help you optimize resources, enhance security, and improve space efficiency. Talk to Steve about your environment.

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John Scheels is responsible for business development focused on OEMs and manufacturing. With experience in aligning IoT priorities between multiple departments at Fortune 500 companies, John can help you understand how to validate an investment in IoT. Talk to John about discovering your company’s opportunities in enterprise IoT.

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What is Losant?

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform is an application enablement platform which allows enterprises to effectively build applications that securely scale to millions of devices. With real-time stream processing and batch processing capabilities, users can create dynamic experiences and perform complex analytics. All of Losant’s components, from Edge Compute to End-User Experiences, work seamlessly together to transform data into tailored IoT solutions.

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Discuss your IoT Vision with Us

Curious about how Losant can enhance your business? Meet with our team. Our engineers can discuss the proven process we use for IoT implementation success.


Are you just getting started on your IoT strategy and evaluating platforms?

Let’s have a conversation about where you are in your IoT journey. An application enablement platform like Losant can help provide a clear vision to a successful IoT solution. With built-in components, organizations can scale applications to millions of devices with very little code.


Do you have a specific use case in mind and would like to discuss it with an experienced IoT solution team?

We’ve developed effective solutions for OEMs, smart environments, telecommunications and for industrial equipment monitoring. Thirty minutes with our team can help you discover efficient IoT practices. Our experience has well-prepared us to help you identify the steps that will get your team to full-scale production.


Do you want to offer a uniquely-branded service-based solution to your clients?

Our platform is ideal for businesses looking to deliver value to their clients’ clients. Enterprises can organize data and activate new offerings with Losant’s multi-tenant IoT platform. Let’s discuss how IoT could enhance your business model.


Does your Dev team need to build solutions easily and without complexity so your offerings are in the market faster?

Our application enablement platform solves technology hurdles that may not be core competencies within your organization. We focus on usability because we know your organization’s developers will gravitate towards an IoT platform that is easy to use.

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A Powerful Partnership

IoT creates new opportunities to expand your client base, gain market share, and create new revenue streams. With Losant, you can deliver value to your clients and to their clients to achieve a competitive advantage. Losant endeavors to help clients deliver amazing solutions and experience tremendous growth, but we understand that some solutions require partnerships in place of single transactions. Meet with Craig to discuss the benefits of a Losant partnership.


Solution Partners

Combine Losant with technical expertise and services to design, plan, and implement IoT solutions for clients.


Technology Partners

Provide technology, connectivity, or hardware that easily integrates with Losant to extend functionality and deliver more robust IoT solutions.


Strategic Partners

Losant works with referrers and OEM partners to ensure a mutually beneficial go-to-market strategy.

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Why Losant?

Make faster and better-informed decisions with visibility to unified information from disparate devices, machines, and data sources.

Losant Accelerates the Creation of IoT Solutions

Faster time to market
Reduced total cost of ownership
Improved customer experience
Increased developer efficiency
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