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Industrial IoT solutions built using Losant enables enterprises to offer new digital services in addition to existing products. Our demonstrations in Hannover featured ways that stakeholders could use the Losant platform to garner insights about inventory management, process efficiency and industrial equipment from one or multiple facilities.

Real-World Industrial IoT



Our pump demo showed visitors how to use the platform to remotely monitor industrial equipment and potentially offer a multi-tenant product monitoring solution to customers. Learn how our clients are already using Losant for industrial equipment monitoring.


Process efficiency

Our conveyor belt demo, connected to an existing process efficiency vision system, gathered data on defective products and showed enterprises how to use Losant to get a centralized view of time series data across a number of lines, or facilities. This information - ideal for Systems Integrators - promotes cost efficiency and productivity.

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Inventory Management

The inventory management demo was built by connecting the Losant IoT platform to connected scales. As weight information changed, our visitors were able to see the changes in real time on a Losant dashboard. This solution could provide value to a smart campus environment, or an inventory warehouse.

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Implementing IoT in your environment may require additional research and information. Learn more about Losant, our platform, and our recommendations for how to get started. Move your team forward with these additional resources.


The losant IIoT guide

Identify new ways to serve connected customers with IoT products and services using our guide. Gain insights from real-world industrial IoT scenarios. Get practical steps on how to begin your IoT journey.

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Discover the Role of IoT for Manufacturing OEMs

Manufacturing OEMs, though slow to adopt IoT, can benefit tremendously from innovation led by IoT implementation. Explore benefits and common approaches in this whitepaper.


Monitor Equipment Using Losant’s
OPC UA and Allen-Bradley

The Losant blog features two tutorials from our automation specialist about how to connect PLCs to the Losant platform using OPC UA or Allen-Bradley nodes. This connection enables remote monitoring and control functions which can be beneficial for industrial environments.

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Meet our team at IoT World 2019

Meet us at Booth #518 at IoT World in Santa Clara, California, May 13-16, 2019. Our IoT engineers will demonstrate platform functionality with IIoT and Smart Environment demos. Our clients and partners will also showcase how they work with Losant on real-world applications.

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