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IoT For Construction

Getting construction projects off the ground requires a qualified team, heavy-duty equipment, an inventory of supplies and a sophisticated way to manage the many moving parts. Using connected sensors, IoT technology increases efficiency and client confidence by allowing managers to organize congested job sites, monitor high-value assets, and reduce risk through the analysis of real-time data.

A comprehensive view of an active, metropolitan construction site with two tower cranes.
Four tower cranes at dusk as the job site keeps functioning. With equipment monitoring you can keep your job site up and running.

Industrial Equipment Monitoring

Get the full scope of one site or multi-site environments with IoT. Monitor materials, improve resource management and reduce production interruptions. Learn from data insights to create more intelligent sites and create solutions for your clients. 

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Several diggers and bucket loaders ready to be dispatched.

Asset Tracking

Control costs by reducing loss and theft; maintain organization of materials and improve client confidence with IoT. Provide customized reports to your clients based on real-time data.

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Construction giant reduces risk with Losant

By implementing IoT technology and viewing data on the Losant platform, Clark Construction was able to see current water pressure, water flow and water main on/off status. In addition to receiving full-time, real-time visibility, Clark Construction also has the capability to turn the water main on or off from a smart device. The company is now outfitting many of their job sites with the same solution.

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Lom End-User Experience

End-user Experiences

Losant’s IoT platform enables users to manage, monitor and report on operations from anywhere. Users can publish dashboards, custom applications, or send reports to stakeholders, teams, and customers.

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