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IoT For Manufacturing

There is no cap on the value IoT technology can offer manufacturers. Connected devices provide information on machine status, reduce maintenance budgets, and help operators manage facilities with asset tracking. Additionally, products manufactured to include IoT will be equipped to return insights from field data, and potentially open new revenue streams by predicting customer needs for new products and services.

A plant environment utilizing robotics.
Three industrial compressors with lots of pipes and valves.

Industrial Equipment Monitoring

IoT connected devices return data about machine health, which helps enterprises reduce maintenance budgets and potentially store data for predictive maintenance.

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Condition-Based Maintenance

Reduce your organization’s maintenance budget with data from IoT. The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform can help OEMs and their supply chain understand the status and internal condition of machines in multiple locations.

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Build Valuable Solutions with Losant

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform has helped a number of organizations expedite the creation of connected solutions to significantly save costs, integrate disparate data systems, and enhance the customer experience.

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Data and Device Management

Losant’s Data and Device Management helps manufacturers ingest data from one to millions of devices and provides the tools needed to organize. Real-time dashboards and reports help product managers and teams make informed decisions based on the data.

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