STEM Education Should Be Available to All

There are many underrepresented groups of people in technology. The Input/Output Program is an initiative to provide hardware and STEM education to those who may not otherwise have it.

It's Easy to Help Someone Learn

Input/Output is a Get One, Give One program for IoT hardware kits. For every kit purchased from the Losant IoT Kit Store, we'll donate a second kit to a nonprofit that improves STEM education.

In Partnership with Cincinnati Museum Center's STEM Girls Program

The Input/Output Program has partnered with Cincinnati Museum Center's STEM Girls program for the first batch of donated kits. STEM Girls is a free program for girls 8-14 that connects them to mentors in the community.
The kits provide an opportunity for young girls to learn how to solder, assemble, and program microcontrollers. The Losant team will help lead the first workshop in early 2017.
The completed kits will be actively used in museum collections to monitor temperature and humidity. Not only will the students learn valuable lessons, they'll leave the workshop knowing their hard work will be used daily by museum staff.

Let's Learn Together

Building something is the best way to learn IoT. If you're new to IoT and want to learn, consider buying an IoT kit. Every time you buy a kit, you will provide an opportunity for someone else to learn the same thing.

Take Me to the Kit Store

Join the Input/Output Program

We want to invite all hardware vendors to the join the Input/Output program. If you have a DIY or educational IoT kit, we want to list it here. Contact us to learn more about how you can help improve STEM education.

We also want to learn about other programs that offer STEM education to underrepresented groups. If your group could help offer education by using donated kits from the Input/Output program, please contact us.