Extending STEM Education

Input/Output is an annual program designed to help improve STEM education for groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in science and technology. Each year, Losant partners with a new organization and develops a program suited to their needs.

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Input/Output 2017 Recap

Cincinnati Museum Center's STEM Girls Program

Helping to Preserve History

For Input/Output 2017, Losant partnered with the Cincinnati Museum Center and their STEM Girls program on a workshop that taught girls, aged 8-14, about hardware fundamentals and basic circuitry. With the help of the Losant team and volunteers, the girls built Artifact Preservation Devices (A.P.D.) to be placed in the museum to help monitor the environment where the museum's collections are preserved.

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You Can Have An Even Greater Impact

We want to invite all hardware vendors to the join the Input/Output program. If you have a DIY or educational IoT kit, we want to list it here. Contact us to learn more about how you can help improve STEM education.

We also want to learn about other programs that offer STEM education to underrepresented groups. If your organization could benefit from the Input/Output program, please contact us.

Be A Part Of Input/Output