How Can IoT Data Create Value for You and Your Customer?

Enterprises all over the globe are adopting IoT to create value with data. We’ve designed our platform to help you quickly and easily reap the benefits of IoT. Our clients have been able to optimize operations, innovate quickly and open new revenue streams by utilizing data from the IoT.

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Use IoT to Listen to the Voice of Your Customer

Capture data from products in the field using IoT. Learn how customers are using your products to enhance future versions or develop new offerings.

Anticipate market demands to remain competitive by delighting customers.

Enhance communication with the customer and foster relationships.

Reduce spend on customer surveys or research studies.

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Deliver Tailored IoT Solutions to Your Clients

The IoT landscape creates new opportunities to expand your client base, take market share and create new revenue streams. IoT data insights fuel innovation and with Losant you can help your clients embrace IoT to achieve a competitive advantage.

Align personnel to leaner schedules, enable staff to work normal business hour shifts; reduce labor cost.

Connect applications to procurement systems for smart inventory management. Align with demand to limit on-hand inventory; free-up storage space.

Create a proactive repair process; respond to data instead of arbitrary schedules.

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Capture Value From IoT Data

IoT offers new data analysis capabilities to businesses that have not historically had it. The ability to connect disparate data sources from third parties, IoT devices, sensors, ERP and CRM systems yields rich insights to propel your business forward. 

Unite disparate devices and gain visibility to multiple data sources.

Use Losant to collect, integrate and analyze data so you can focus on delivering unique value for your clients.

Intelligently manage devices, and take action on data through highly customizable workflows - all in real time.

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Increase Developer Productivity With Losant

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform comprises all of the components necessary to quickly garner IoT insights. Developers are not required to start from scratch and integrations make interoperability with existing systems simple.

The Losant platform enhances developer productivity and is known for ease of use, intuitive function, and navigation.

Losant’s Visual Workflow Engine enables users to build fast and make changes quickly without writing code.

Ongoing education is available through Losant University, forums and documentation.

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