Data and Device Management

IoT Device Management & Connectivity

Data and Device Management features are integrated directly in the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform for seamless fleet management and device connectivity.

Device Modeling

Easily create a virtual representation of your device by describing the data it reports.

Fleet Organization

Make sense of millions of devices by tagging and organizing them specific to your application.

Built-in Connectivity

Fully integrated and scaleable MQTT and REST endpoints for your devices.

Platform Update 08.8.18

Introducing Custom Nodes and the Losant Node Catalog

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IoT Device Simulator

The device simulator can be reached using the new Simulator tab available on every device's overview page. The simulator works by using your browser as the device. Once your browser is connected, you can configure Test Scripts to periodically send random data, or use the Single Report tab to send a specific value. A common scenario is to use a Test Script to periodically report "normal" data. While that's running, you can use the Single Report tab to inject an anomalous data point. This provides a way to easily test any alerting or notification workflows you've designed based on erroneous incoming data.

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Security Built-in

Each of your devices authenticates with a unique and fully revocable access key pair.

All communication between your devices and the Losant IoT platform is fully encrypted using the industry standard TLS 1.2 encryption protocol.

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Scalability That Grows With You

Losant’s proven scalability provides a solid connectivity foundation for one to millions of connected devices.

Connect millions of devices to Losant’s built-in connectivity endpoints.

Losant automatically scales to meet demand, greatly reducing your operational overhead.

Your users are always delivered the fastest and most responsive experience possible.