Visual Workflow Engine

IoT Workflow Engine

The Visual Workflow Engine is integrated directly into the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform.

Stream Processing

Process and filter device data in real-time as it streams into your application.

Real-time Notifications

React instantly to anomalous conditions. Immediately generate alerts and address issues quickly.

Powerful Integrations

Combine data from disparate devices and services into a unified solution.

Platform Update 08.8.18

Introducing Custom Nodes and the Losant Node Catalog

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Intuitive Workflows

Losant’s Visual Workflow Engine features a drag and drop interface which accelerates the development of even the most complex solutions. Real-time processing, notifications, and integrations are done quickly and easily.

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Maintain Innovation And Agility

Our Visual Workflow Engine allows you to deploy new functionality to your IoT application instantly.

Devices are kept simple by shifting complex logic to the cloud.

Data processing, notifications, and integrations can all be done within Visual Workflow Engine. Instantly deploy updates in the cloud.

New experiences and features immediately delivered to your end-users.

Unified Intelligence Engine For Iot

Losant’s Visual Workflow Engine powers all parts of your IoT application for a unified development experience.

Edge Compute

Edge Compute Icon

A slimmed down version of the Visual Workflow Engine is used for Losant Edge Compute.

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Data Visualization

Data Visualization Icon

Real-time data transformations are performed using the Visual Workflow Engine and triggered by incoming device data.

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End-User Experiences

End-User Experiences Icon

All custom API endpoints hosted by End-User Experiences are powered by the Visual Workflow Engine.

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