Meet with Losant at IoT Tech Expo 2019

The power of collaboration helps enterprises realize IoT visions every day. See demos of some of our projects live at Booth 465 during IoT Tech Expo 2019, November 13-14, in Santa Clara, California. Meet the team directly to discuss your project, get insights from Losant experts in official conference sessions, or connect with Itron and Cree in our booth.

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See IoT in Action


Smart Environment Demo

View a smart environment demo connected by the Losant IoT platform. Understand how an application can help track high-value assets and orchestrate other solutions which can help increase efficiency and monitor resources for your enterprise.


Methane Detection Demo

Get in front of a methane detection demo which is currently powering data visualization for key pilots and customer implementations. This is a great example of a life-saving application enabled by Losant for Itron.


Industrial Equipment Monitoring Demo

Learn how facilities can integrate remote monitoring capabilities by combining the Losant Edge Agent with the Bosch XM21 PLC, a water pump, a vibration sensor, and a flow switch. Understand how you can use Losant to deliver a multi-tenant monitoring solution-as-a-service.

Discuss your IoT Vision with Us

Curious about how Losant can enhance your business? Meet with our team. Our engineers can discuss the proven process we use
for IoT implementation success.


Are you just getting started on your IoT strategy and evaluating platforms?

Let’s have a conversation about where you are in your IoT journey. An application enablement platform like Losant can help provide a clear vision to a successful IoT solution. With built-in components, organizations can scale applications to millions of devices with very little code.


Do you have a specific use case in mind and would like to discuss it with an experienced IoT solution team?

We’ve developed working solutions for OEMs, smart environments, telecommunications and for industrial equipment monitoring. Thirty minutes with our team can help you discover efficient IoT practices. Our experience has well-prepared us to help you identify the steps that will get your team to full-scale production.


Do you want to offer a uniquely-branded service-based solution to your clients?

Our platform is ideal for businesses looking to deliver value to their clients’ clients. Enterprises can organize data and activate new offerings with Losant’s multi-tenant IoT platform. Let’s discuss how IoT could enhance your business model.


Does your Dev team need to build solutions easily and without complexity so your offerings are in the market faster?

Our application enablement platform solves technology hurdles that may not be core competencies within your organization. We focus on usability because we know your organization’s developers will gravitate towards an IoT platform that is easy to use.

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Get fresh perspectives from the Losant team at official conference sessions

Connected Industry Track

Brandon Cannaday

CPO and Co-Founder

11/13 - 11:20 AM

Escape the Industrial IoT Cycle: Shifting From an IoT Consumer to an IoT Provider

Industrial OEMs are beginning to deliver IoT alongside the equipment they sell which creates new business models, and increased satisfaction for customers. By using real-world customer examples, this talk will provide actionable takeaways and common pitfalls to avoid, when making this transition.

Developing for the IoT Track

Taron Foxworth

Technical Evangelist

11/13 - 2:00 PM

Demystifying the Smart Environment for IoT Architecture

The smart environment comprises many layers of technology (networks, sensors, etc.) The architecture that powers applications requires many moving pieces to ensure flexibility and scalability. In this talk, Taron will dive into the structure of a smart environment architecture and provide learnings and best practices from real-world applications.

Application of IoT - Enterprise Track

Craig Baldwin

Partnerships Director

11/13 - 3:50 PM

Panel: Smart Building & Lighting

Discover how smart lighting and smart buildings are moving from connection to automation. Learn from active panelists about their contributions to energy efficiency and cost savings. Understand how smart lighting is also used for smart cities and other markets.

IoT Innovations & Solutions Track

Charlie Key

CEO and Co-Founder

11/14 - 10:40 AM

Panel: IoT Predictions, 2020 and Beyond

Losant CEO, Charlie Key and other forward-thinking panelists will discuss the hottest innovations in the IoT market to date, thoughts on next industry that will be transformed by the IoT, and share their expert predictions for the next 10 years.

Not attending IoT Tech Expo?

Let’s stay connected.
Meet us at CES or view our resources to help you continue your IoT journey.


Meet Us at CES 2020

We’ll be at CES in Las Vegas, January 7-9, 2020. We’ll have a team of experts at the show ready to meet and discuss how Losant can help you realize your IoT vision.

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Losant Resources

Even if you aren’t attending IoT Tech Expo we have a number of resources to help you learn more about Losant and move you
forward on your IoT journey.


Losant Guide: IoT Implementation

If you are just getting started with questions about how to implement IoT, our guide will help you move from IoT concepts to IoT production. We’ve detailed the process we use with our clients and compiled helpful use cases to get you to IoT success.

Get The Guide

MachNation Report

Get an in-depth look at how the Losant platform performed in the MachNation IoT Test Environment (MIT-E). MIT-E provides independent research on IoT platforms by executing tasks and rating each according to its methodology. This review covers analytics, data management, access control and more.

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R&D White paper

Innovation is more than a trend. For enterprises interested in receiving the long-term benefits of IoT, selecting partners requires an evaluation of capabilities and plans for future development. This whitepaper investigates rationale and methods for how businesses should carefully choose forward-thinking IoT partners through a review of those partners’ R&D strategies.

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