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Take action using the steps outlined in our Losant Guide: The Comprehensive Smart Environment. Or, learn more about how the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform serves as an orchestration layer for seamless interactions between smart office systems and the people that use them in our Deeper Dive Webinar.

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Monitor your equipment

Our pump demo showed visitors how to use the platform to remotely monitor industrial equipment with edge computing and a PLC. Losant clients are already in position to use the platform to offer monitoring service solutions to their customers.


Centralize facility process information

Our conveyor belt demo, which is connected to an existing process efficiency vision system, gathered data on defective products and showed enterprises how to use Losant to get a centralized view of time series data across a number of lines, or facilities. This information - ideal for Systems Integrators - promotes cost efficiency and productivity.


Inventory Management Demo

Our inventory management demo, featured at the Advantech booth, was built using connected scales. As weight information changed, visitors were able to see changes in real time on a Losant dashboard. This solution provides value to smart environments and inventory managers.

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Condition-Based Maintenance

Verizon, one of the largest cellular networks in America, now offers its clients the opportunity to switch from scheduled preventative maintenance to condition-based maintenance with IoT. Learn how other organizations can complement OEM products with service options.

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Smart Environment

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) is the fastest growing airport in North America serving nearly 9 million passengers. Learn how the airport incorporates IoT to allow travelers and staff to react to real-time data.

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Smart Environment

Learn how Peraton combines proven secure communications with the latest in remote sensor and data collection systems. Peraton would love to share more about how they can help solve your tough business challenges.

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Industrial IoT

IoT Diagnostics provides its customers and partners with turn-key solutions for specific industrial assets, commodities, and utility management. Discover how IoT Diagnostics connects prediction to production, and accelerates the impact of data-driven operation decisions.

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Losant Guides: Accelerate your project with knowledge from our perspective

Get started or move forward with insights from our work with clients.


Losant's Guide to Digital Transformation

Learn how to realize your IoT vision with our helpful guide. This process has helped many of our clients overcome the common obstacles enterprises face when approaching digital transformation.

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Losant's Guide to IIoT

Garner insights from real-world industrial IoT scenarios using our IIoT guide. Learn how your team can identify new opportunities with IoT, create new connected products or expand service offerings to complement existing products. Begin your IoT journey.

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Losant's Guide to the Smart Environment

With the appropriate technology, any environment can become a smart environment; whether your business operates from a warehouse, building, multi-facility campus or office space. Learn what it takes to orchestrate various building systems with smart devices and data to create end-user experiences that will optimize resources and space.

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Introducing Losant Notebooks

Losant Notebooks provides users with a new set of analytics capabilities and is the fully integrated execution of Jupyter Notebooks against application data. This functionality enables users to perform complex batch analytics on historical datasets to derive entirely new kinds of insights.

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Deeper Dive Webinar Series

Join our live webinar series for an in-depth look at Losant platform components. Our engineers will share the steps for creating common solutions, answer user questions and show how easy it is to build workflows within Losant.

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