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As one of the industry's biggest events, IoT World is where enterprises and technology partners meet to put the power of IoT into action. Our experts will be there to discuss our exciting in-market use cases. Join us August 11-13, 2020 at our booth to view online demos and schedule a meeting with us to learn how you can accelerate the development of your IoT solution and extend new value to your customers.

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Losant and Azure Comparison Chart

Losant Outperforms Azure in MachNation

Get inside an edge IoT implementation through the view of MachNation’s independent developers. Understand the time, cost, and skill level required for a proof of concept in both Azure and Losant environments. Download the full report detailing MachNation’s process, project specs, and complete findings.

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Smart Environment Demo

See a Smart Environment in Action

Experience how Losant’s application enablement platform serves as an orchestration layer between smart building technology systems and the people that use them. Combine data from multiple systems into a single-source API to assist with invaluable solutions. Visit our booth to view this demo and discuss your ideas for a smart environment with IoT.

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Losant is a progressive product team composed of software engineers, solutions engineers, and automation specialists. Together, we produce superior technology for enterprise IoT solutions. We believe in continuous improvement and work toward our vision of an ever-connected world. As we adapt to our changing environment and add features to our IoT cloud platform, we consider usability, flexibility, reliability, and security to promote ease of use for our customers.

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Inspire Your Vision with Successful IIoT Solutions

Losant Water Pump Demo

Monitor Your Industrial Equipment

Our pump demo shows you how to use the platform to remotely monitor industrial equipment with edge computing and a PLC. Losant clients are already using the platform to offer monitoring service solutions to their customers.

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Process Efficiency

Our conveyor belt demo, which is connected to an existing process efficiency vision system, gathers data on defective products and shows enterprises how to use Losant to get a centralized view of time series data across a number of lines, or facilities. This information - ideal for Systems Integrators or CPG companies - promotes cost efficiency and productivity.

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Schedule a meeting or just stop in our booth. A short IoT discussion about your project with our team will be well worth your time.

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