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Proof of Concept

A low-risk proof of concept is the best way to introduce IoT to any organization. The purpose of a PoC is to experiment with a solution in your environment, collect data, and evaluate performance from a set timeline on a set budget. A PoC with clear goals defined by your team will help to avoid scope creep and help you to determine whether the technology is operating, capturing data, and automating actions in its intended design.

How It Works

The Losant PoC Process is divided into four phases. You can start quickly, within a week and define your timeline in the definition phase.

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Collectively define goals, inputs, metrics, scope, risks, success criteria and schedule.

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One Powerful Platform

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform is an application-enablement platform which allows enterprises to effectively build applications and create solutions that securely scale to millions of devices. Components work seamlessly together to transform real-time data from connected and non-connected devices into custom end-user experiences.

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