Losant Solutions for Connected Products

Adding IoT Capabilities to Everyday Consumer Products

We have entered into an unprecedented era in which the consumer's expecation is that household appliances, products and electronic devices communicate bi-directionally with each other without human interaction. At over 8 billion and growing, the number of connected devices now outnumbers the world’s population. Astoundingly, that number is expected to grow exponentially.

However, despite healthy demand and bullish growth projections, making simple consumer products smart is difficult and often not cost-effective. Standards are lacking, communication is nearly impossible and building applications to run connected solutions often require substantial investment in development time and effort.

Losant Makes it Easy


Losant makes it easy to develop applications for connected products by allowing you to connect most any type of hardware or sensor. Simple, drag-and-drop UX allows you to quickly build real-time reactions to events and visualize your data in a wide range of dashboard tools. Whether you’re a big brand looking to make your consumer appliances smart or a startup developing a niche smart product, Losant allows you to get your connected product to market faster and concentrate on adding value to your consumers.

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What you can do with Losant


Device management




Remote control


Configure events for smart interaction


Monitor + analyze activities of devices / users / groups


Monitor device performance


Collect user experience data

Building Connected Applications with Losant

Out of the box, Losant is compatible with virtually any modern consumer product or microchip — smart TVs, smart home appliances, HVAC systems, wearables, and micro computer boards. Take advantage of Losant’s helpful open-source SDKs to make device interoperability a thing of the past. The platform makes creating feature rich consumer IoT products hassle-free. The possibilities are endless for your product - remote monitoring and control, event-driven notifications, cross-device collaboration, and more.