Losant Solutions for Smart Retail

Connected Solutions to Drive Traffic and Increase Experience

Retailers are adopting Internet of Things solutions across a number of applications that are improving store operations, reducing theft, increasing purchases through cross selling, enabling precise inventory management, and most importantly enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience. The IoT is enabling physical retailers to compete more competitively against the online challengers. As a result, retailers are regaining lost market share and attracting consumers into the store by making it easier for them to buy more while saving money.

Losant Makes it Easy

Losant IoT platform Workflows

Losant enables these benefits for retail companies and serves as an IoT backbone for numerous smart retail services and solutions. Quickly implement necessary applications for tracking goods using data from RFID tags. Implement real-time reactions to environmental data to ensure items' on-shelf availability. Utilize Bluetooth beacons to provide customers with a personalized mobile shopping experience. And attract visitors with digital in-store signage and help them navigate through your products, discounts, and loyalty programs.

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What you can do with Losant


Interactive digital signage screens


Mobile shopping applications


Sensor-based items tracking


Tailored digital marketing


Optimized inventory management


IoT-enabled beacons


Customer preferences analytics

Building Smart Retail Solutions with Losant

Retailers can use Losant to learn more about how customers choose to navigate in-store experience by placing real-time tracking sensors and range finder sensors throughout the store. Losant's simple, drag-and-drop dashboard tools make it easy to visualize where customers are going, where they’ve been and the path they took on their journey.

Screens can be added to any retail shelf and controlled by any mobile device using common wireless technologies like WiFi or Bluetooth - all powered by Losant’s drag-and-drop reaction engine and device managmentment tools. Data from sensors in the stockroom can be married with pricing data to trigger real-time promotional information and discounts, as well as inventory and replenishment status.