Losant Solutions for Wearable Tech

Make Better Use of Data from Wearables

Wearable technology is a hallmark of the Internet of Things and one of the most ubiquitous of its implementations to date. The efficiency of data processing achieved by various smart wristwear, hearables, and smart glasses is gradually dispelling inert skepticism among the public and showing that wearables are capable of bringing exceptional value to our lives.

Losant Makes it Easy


Losant complements wearable technology with simple ready-to-use IoT functions and applications that can handle even the most complex tasks. The platform easily integrates with a variety of microprocessors in wearable devices. This enables instant interoperability, profile management, data collection, notifications, security, and other features. It also provides scalable backend functionality to ensure reliable communication between wearable devices and to connect them with data analytics and visualization tools.

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What you can do with Losant


Multi-device data exchange


Broad sensor hardware support


Data integration across apps/devices


Topic-based notifications


In-cloud data storage


Customized data analytics and reporting

Building Wearable Tech Solutions With Losant

Brands and analytics companies are looking to integrate wearable data and analytics into their mobile apps, allowing real-time triggers for personalized messaging and incentives. This requires significant time in application development and configuration in order to accommodate each companies’ unique complex business logic.

Losant can greatly simplify the application development process by using workflows to handle the complex real-time triggers that react to wearable data. Losant dashboard tools allow you to easily expose a multitude of data visualizations to your customers, which provides valuable insight to their customers' behavior. The faster response time saves you time and money as well as increases the value for your customers.

The Losant IoT Developer Store provides pre-compiled kits that allow makers to build real-world connected solutions on top of the Losant IoT Developer Platform.

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