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Finding kits to get started in the world of the Internet of Things can be hard. There are so many boards, chips, sensors, and more to choose from it becomes impossible to figure out where to start. These developer kits fix that issue. They have been hand crafted to give you the ability to build a useful fun project in IoT. Each kit works directly with the Losant platform to make it extremely easy to get value out of your hardware quickly.

The Losant Kit Store Has Closed

We’ve officially closed the Losant store and have deprecated our Losant kits. The good news is that you can still find components to create your own kits through other suppliers; we’d recommend Adafruit.

You can still find instructions on how to use existing kits in the documentation section of our website. And though we will no longer provide support for individual kit questions, since we based our kits on off-the-shelf components, there are plenty of other places to find help.

IoT is evolving rapidly. Our developer kits offered a limited introduction to solving problems with IoT. We believe the best way to start building an IoT solution for your business is with a proof of concept.


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Want to understand more about what you can do with the Internet of Things? See our IoT Checklist for Proof of Concept Success.

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