Use Case: IoT in Retail

Enhance Customer Experience
and Increase Sales

The big question on the minds of retailers and consumer-facing brands is how to apply IoT in ways that will resonate with customers so that they actually are compelled to adopt them. The intent of these initiatives is to forge new drivers for loyalty and customer interaction, as well as sustainable ways to differentiate, to engage, to stay relevant.


Deeper Consumer Insights

Learn more about how customers choose to navigate your in-store experience by placing real-time tracking sensors and range finder sensors throughout the store. Visualize where they’re going, where they’ve been and the path they took on their journey. 
Move from old-school traffic counters to tracking real-time movement of individual customers through your store. Learn where they actually go and where they spend time.


Smart Digital Signage

Offer the engagement opportunities shoppers are looking for by putting the right screens in the right places with right messages. Today digital signs are used to showcase hot new inventory, promote closeouts, measure message effectiveness, and much more.
Screens can be added to any retail shelf and controlled by any mobile device using common wireless technologies like WiFi or Bluetooth. Data from sensors in the stockroom or warehouse can be married with pricing and promotional information to display and control everything from real-time product prices, video or other pertinent information like inventory or replenishment status.


Improved Customer Service

Build intelligent workflows to identify issues before they happen and automatically enact a resolution process when they do. Identify inventory issues like low inventory on shelves on the floor or in the stock room with smart shelves equipped with sensors tracking weight or visual cues about products.
A connected solution can instantly notify store management of any inventory issues right away and automatically trigger a reaction to send replacement product from the factory or supplier network. 


Loss Prevention

Reduce theft and damage with real-time inventory tracking through RFID and asset tracking. Connected solutions allow RFID technology to create item-level visibility for almost any merchandise across the value chain.
Instead of just cell phones, computers and machines being connected, RFID and other sensors like GPS and range finders are allowing anything - even everyday objects - to now be components of a connected solutions, allowing retails unprecedented visibility, control security over their inventory.