Losant SDKs

Easily connect any device or data source by integrating Losant’s SDKs into your applications. The SDKs include support for both REST and MQTT.

SDK / Node.js

Get started quickly by using the Losant SDK for Node.js. The SDK helps take the complexity out of connecting devices, sending state, and handling commands. The library can easily be installed through npm.


SDK / Arduino

The Arduino SDK simplifies the process of connecting embedded devices to the Losant's platform. The library takes care of using MQTT over SSL to communicate with the platform. Just download the library zip and include into your Arduino IDE.


SDK / Ruby

Ruby is a popular language for building web applications. Losant MQTT and REST libraries are both available for the Ruby environment. These libraries can be installed with RubyGems.


SDK / Python

In order to better support the Raspberry Pi community and developers, Losant MQTT and REST libraries are available for Python environments. They can be installed through the Python Package Index.