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Build Your IoT Skill Set With Losant University

Losant University’s combination of video training, hands-on workshops, and assessments provides the fastest way possible to gain an understanding of the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform. After you and your team review the courses and get a passing score on the assessments, we’ll send a certificate of completion.

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Losant University Certificate

Losant University Certificate of Completion

Receive a certificate of completion after passing assessments and demonstrating your knowledge.

  • Learn IoT application development through our low-code platform.
  • Receive a certificate of completion to show your employer, peers, or team.
  • Prove that you can independently build IoT applications with Losant.
  • Build a production-ready application with Losant.
  • Join the active community of Losant developers.

Why Complete Losant University?


Learn Best Practices

Learn the essentials of the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform and the recommended best practices from our team of IoT experts. Test your knowledge with assessments.


Demonstrate IoT Knowledge

Accelerate your team’s knowledge of the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform and use it to solve real business problems.


Discover Functionality

Uncover features and functionality to help you start to build production ready applications with Losant for your organization or for clients.

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How Losant University Works

Many people learn best by doing, which is why Losant University includes video training, hands-on workshops, and assessments to test your knowledge.

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Losant University is divided into separate courses that cover high-level topics. New courses are regularly added.

red stopwatch icon15-60 Minutes Per Course

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Each course is divided into separate chapters. Each chapter represents a single training video.

red stopwatch icon5-15 Minutes Per Chapter

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Even seasoned Losant developers will learn new features and functionality to solve problems quicker and easier.

red stopwatch icon1-3 Hours Per Workshop



Demonstrate knowledge of IoT and the Losant platform. Take assessments after each course and receive a certificate of completion after receiving a passing score.

red stopwatch icon2-15 Questions Per Assessment

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Custom Training Options

Losant offers comprehensive remote training options at this time so your team can learn directly from our Education team. Your learning experience can be tailored to your project and enterprise to get you up to speed with Losant as soon as possible. Customers leave prepared with the best tools and knowledge to begin development on their own IoT solutions.

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