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Connected Data is Changing Every Industry and Business

The business world is changing at light-speed and the Internet of Things is at the forefront of that change. Are you ready?

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The more I work with other cloud options, the more I love Losant! The way you guys have designed the dashboard and the functionality is very impressive and I have yet to find anyone else that comes close to the functionality you provide.

Thomas Edworthy


Hands down, the BEST IoT platform I've ever come across ... The documentation was outstanding, the interface superb, and I was up and running within a few hours of work. I've never seen anything that integrates so well.

Mark Nicholson

IoT Engineer

We chose Losant because it meets every requirement on our initial list. In addition, it has fantastic documentation, and the API is clearly the centerpiece, so we could see immediately whether what we wanted to do would be possible.

Travis Geis


Devices, data, and services come together to form new insights and experiences

Deliver innovative new experiences to your customers. Derive new insights from your data. Become the innovation leader in your industry.

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Connect and manage millions of devices. Collect, visualize, and monitor IoT data. Build powerful business logic with an intuitive real-time workflow engine.

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Your Industrial IoT Platform

Losant makes it easy to adopt Industry 4.0 for improved efficiency, reduced overhead, and lower costs.

Clark Construction Site

Clark Construction LogoClark Construction prevents millions of dollars in potential damage with Losant enabled smart valves at construction sites.

National Pump and Energy Site

National Pump and Energy LogoNational Pump and Energy saves hundreds of thousands of dollars per year with Losant enabled preventative maintenance.

Your IoT Solution Partner

The Internet of Things is not easy. We’re here to make sure you succeed.

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Have an Idea?

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We're pumped that you’re here to check our IoT platform. We would like to offer you a free builder kit to help start your connected hardware journey. It's just a few clicks away. Enjoy.

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