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Connected Data is Changing Every Industry and Business

The business world is changing at light-speed and the Internet of Things is at the forefront of that change. Are you ready?

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Realize Your IoT Vision With Losant

Edge in Manufacturing

Product managers across industries face pressure to continuously improve products to adapt to our changing environment. Ideas vary from adding more features, to revising designs, or anticipating customer requirements.

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Getting to CBM

Breaking old habits can prove to be difficult for any organization. Although disruptions have transformed the way we live and conduct business as consumers, our enterprises are slow to adopt new technologies like edge computing and IoT.

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Why Edge Computing is Important to Your IoT Strategy

The business benefits of IoT are clear. Many industries have embraced IoT solutions to develop new revenue streams; preserve resources and cut overhead; or for the expansion of anything as a service (XaaS).

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Devices, data, and services come together to form new insights and experiences

Deliver innovative new experiences to your customers. Derive new insights from your data. Become the innovation leader in your industry.

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Connect and manage millions of devices. Collect, visualize, and monitor IoT data. Build powerful business logic with an intuitive real-time workflow engine.

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The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform

Losant is an easy-to-use and powerful Enterprise IoT Platform designed to help teams quickly and securely build complex real-time connected solutions.

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Your IoT Solution Partner

The Internet of Things is not easy. We’re here to make sure you succeed.

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