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Get up and running in minutes using most any hardware. Handy SDKs, simple drag-and-drop workflow engine and loads of data visualization tools means less time writing code and more time making use of your data.

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Introducing Dashboard Context

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What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.


We offer a complete development platform that provides scalable device management, data collection, visualization, and data reaction workflows.
Connect Disparate Data Source


Got disparate data from disparate devices? No problem. Easily collect data from anywhere in your environment using widely adopted open protocols like MQTT.

Analyze and Visualize


Not a fan of going to different systems to analyze your sensor data? We hear you. Aggregate all of your data in one place and for easy visualization and analysis.

React to Data Triggers


Need to be immediately notified on changes in your data? Quickly and easily build workflows to take action on data as it comes into the platform, in real-time.

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Build your application on a variety of hardware

We support many popular hardware options. Losant provides device connectivity using open industry standards like MQTT and REST. This allows any custom device to connect to the Losant platform using tools and libraries available for almost any environment.

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A Platform You Can Trust

Losant is trusted by customers of all sizes and across many industries.

I have to say. Losant is one of those rare products I wish I could work with all day every day.

Matt Apperson / Founder, Apperson Labs

Really good stuff! Literally took 5 minutes to get it running and also create incoming webhook in Slack!

Sushrutha Ravish / Center of Excellence Lead, National Instruments

Losant feels like the first successful connect anything to anything platform.

Arthur Beisang / UX/UI Lead, Target

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Get Up and Running Fast

Start using the Losant platform in 4 easy steps.

1. Create an application

Select a meaningful name for your application. Applications contain all devices and workflows which connects you to the world.

2. Add a device

A device in Losant is a single thing or widget. A device could be a car, thermostat, smart bulb, or any kind of custom gadget.

3. Create a workflow

Use the drag-and-drop workflow editor allows you to easily build complex interactions between your devices and 3rd party systems. Workflow output can also be stored in a virtual device to track data.

4. Create a dashboard

Use our dashboard generator to visualize and analyze the data you stored in your device. Losant dashboards provide a flexible and powerful way to display information relevant to your specific connected solution.

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