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Losant + Red Wireless

Red Wireless’ client, HAE & Associates, needed an IoT solution to monitor precise water temperature of tanks containing concrete and other construction materials. Using Losant’s Platform Component, End-User Experiences, Red Wireless offered their client a uniquely branded IoT application that offers real-time remote monitoring of the tanks and an automated alert system.

Mixer Tower Concrete Construction

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Red Wireless enables “end-to-end” certified and secured remote monitoring solutions for many verticals, including smart agriculture, smart buildings, and smart industrial solutions. Their unique market approach starts with client problems and then addresses physical and cloud connectivity on a custom basis to help ensure solution success.

The Problem

One of Red Wireless’ clients, HAE & Associates, needed to monitor tanks that contained concrete and other construction materials that require a precise water temperature. Without IoT, employees had to manually probe the tanks every hour and keep a written record 24/7. This was labor intensive and because of human error, was not always precise. When the pandemic occurred and social distancing and shut downs became the new normal, this procedure became unmanageable. To solve this problem for their client, Red Wireless partnered with geotechnical consultants Rhino Wireless to source an IoT platform that could automate, store, and visualize necessary tank data, remotely.

The Briefing

Red Wireless solved this problem with a pilot. After sourcing and rigorously testing the needed sensors, gateways, and network server for the tank remote monitoring solution, they needed an IoT platform with the ability to create a uniquely branded IoT application and seamless edge capabilities between hardware and the cloud. The application needed a branded UX on a unique domain that could be easily accessed and interpreted by their clients’ employees, and it needed to be secure, accurate, and flexible. They needed automatic reporting and an automatic alert system. After trying several options, Red Wireless tested an application enablement platform, Losant. They could use little to no code, but still could build, test, and implement and have control over their unique requirements.

Red Wireless Dashboard

“We've received excellent data. The data information is clear and easy to read. We engineers do not have extra time in our days. This type of data has proven to be very time efficient for us and is excellent in aiding us to make fast and concise decisions on the systems.”

Gus Haegel

President, HAE & Associates

The Results

The result of the three month pilot, when fully orchestrated, is an automated, real-time view of the construction material supply tank’s exact temperature. The solution they built on Losant’s platform keeps a full historical and current record. Two reports are sent to their clients’ inbox every week; an overall weekly view, and a detailed hour by hour PDF report. They also receive SMS text alerts if there are notable changes in the tanks temperate above or below a certain threshold. Red Wireless’ clients, HAE & Associates, has benefited from this implementation and has had their unique problem solved.

The Next Objective

Red Wireless hopes to bring this solution to the marketplace by offering a secured, encrypted, and cost-effective remote monitoring package that is customizable depending on the industry and use case. Losant’s platform component, End-User Experiences, offers them the necessary foundation to bring this IoT product to their customers.

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