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The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform is an application enablement platform that allows enterprises to build IoT products, services, and applications that securely scale to millions of devices. We enable IoT solution building for our Fortune 500 clients that vary in industry and includes telecommunications, manufacturing, and industrial IoT. Our platform provides application foundations for many use cases, including asset tracking, industrial equipment monitoring, smart environment, and contact tracing. All of Losant’s components; from Edge Compute to End-User Experiences work together to transform data into tailored IoT solutions.

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Losant Platform overview
Platform Overview
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Edge Compute

Deploy logic to edge devices using Losant’s edge computing functionality. Reduce reliance on connectivity and pre-filter the data that will be sent to the cloud.

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Devices & Data Sources

Organize data and devices with Losant’s tagging and device modeling features. Provide security with TLS encryption protocols and fully revocable access keys for each device.

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Data Visualization

Collect, compare, report, and respond to real-time data or integrate Jupyter Notebooks for batch processing of historical data and deep analytics. Visualize information using Losant graphs, maps, and logs to influence immediate business decisions.

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Visual Workflow Engine

Accelerate the development of even the most complex IoT solution with Losant’s drag-and-drop Visual Workflow Engine. Seamlessly adapt to ever-changing business requirements.

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End-User Experiences

Transform raw data into experiences for internal users or customers with Losant Experience Views. Enable the creation of multi-tenant applications for your customers’ customers. Quickly build uniquely branded domains, applications, or reports.

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Are Yout Ready For IoT

Proven Reliability, Proven Scalability

2020 saw substantial growth while delivering constant performance and stability improvements.

10s of Billions of Messages Processed




Data Durability


Average Latency


Performance Goal*

*Message latency less than 30 seconds

A Continually Evolving Platform

Losant Platform Updates Timeline

Our team is committed to actively building our IoT cloud platform. We provide regular platform updates driven by our documented product roadmap and customer feedback. These updates increase functionality for changing business needs at no additional cost to users.

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Build IoT Products Faster With Application Templates

Losant’s Application Templates provide a set of real-world reference implementations that you can use for architecture guidance, implementation best practices, and serve as a starting point for your applications. Schedule a walkthrough with a Solutions Architect or view our Application Template webinars.

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Use Losant’s Platform For Your Digital Transformation

Lean on our platform and our IoT expertise for your digital transformation. Create new revenue streams, optimize operations, or remotely monitor equipment using IoT.

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Develop IoT Applications Faster

Build and iterate quickly with our low-code development environment. Our modern and cloud-native architecture ensures the seamless scalability to millions of devices.

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Deliver Solutions to the Marketplace Faster With Losant Partners

Losant’s complete edge and cloud platform seeks to make developing IoT products, services, and solutions easier. Access to a capable partner ecosystem also reduces complexity, and can help your business overcome any technology or capability gaps while building for your customers.

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End-to-End Security

Build and scale your IoT solution with confidence. We follow IoT security best practices for encryption, offer granular access controls, and conduct third-party audits. Security measures are integrated into our IoT platform architecture.

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Customize Client Access With Multi-Tenant Applications

Many IoT platforms are multi-tenant platforms, but few platforms enable users to create multi-tenant applications. Losant enables the creation of multi-tenant applications to securely segment devices and data between any number of customers and users.

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MachNation Developers Built an IoT Solution Faster in Losant Than in Azure

Discover what happened when independent developers built an identical IoT solution in Microsoft Azure and Losant. The stark differences in time and cost of development are sure to influence your IoT platform decision.

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Extend Existing IoT Work With Cloud Vendors

Use Losant’s IoT-specific components with existing cloud vendor tools for ease-of-use, reduced complexity for development teams, and faster time to market. Learn how we work with major cloud vendors.

Why Losant & Cloud Vendors

Losant's Pricing Model

Our platform flexibility is one of our strengths. We support small to medium businesses to large enterprises. Talk to Losant’s Business Development Team about your IoT platform needs. Let us provide pricing to support your objectives.

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