Losant Solutions for Asset Tracking


In the world today, 38 billion devices are currently equipped with tracking capabilities. Still, the number is expected to grow exponentially thanks to the explosion of sensors, GPS units, and cellular modems readily available. Businesses and their customers are quickly seeing the value of tracking the location and health of nearly everything - from shipments to vehicles and more.

Losant Makes it Easy

Asset tracking solutions take advantage of a variety of hardware and communication methods. The actual devices used are dependent on cost, physical size, environmental conditions, geographical location, and more. Losant provides systems integrators and product manufacturers with the flexibility to choose and connect to any hardware using any communication method on any network.

To build these applications quickly, the Losant IoT platform must support essential application needs. These include understanding GPS data natively to visualize locations and geofence the information. Geofencing allows for real-time alerts when a piece of equipment or shipment travels outside a given region. Our IoT application services and additional platform capabilities provide the foundation for remote asset management, GPS tracking and mapping, reporting, and M2M data integration.

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Asset Tracking

Use cases and opportunities are infinite. Asset trackers can prevent theft, monitor high-priced inventory or be used to provide teams or managers with real-time information. The benefits to every business and organization are clear. But, for decision makers expecting real-time information, tracking only location with mobile apps or simple devices soon won’t be enough to compete.

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What you can do with Losant


Easily locate equipment


Deploy fleets and field service teams efficiently


Prevent and detect theft of equipment


Maintain real-time inventory


Track shipments from origin to destination in real-time