Asset Tracking for IoT – Discover the Latest Trends

Manage asset inventory and asset conditions while in storage, in use, or in transit to eliminate operational downtime with Losant’s Enterprise IoT Platform. With Losant you can build an application that addresses all of your asset tracking criteria, retains your investment in existing systems, and offers you the ability to add new devices that could address data gaps.

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"The other platforms didn’t have the tools required to build a user interface that could securely support many companies with multiple users. The front-end features, the developer view, and the way that you could create individual experiences were important to us."

Kurt Larson
Co-Founder & CTO

GPS Architecture for Asset Tracking


Experience Significant Benefits With Asset Tracking With IoT


Risk Mitigation

IoT provides transparency for your operation to help mitigate risks including theft, loss, and damage.


Increased Productivity

Manage asset inventory conditions while in storage, in use or in transit to eliminate operational downtime with Losant’s mapping tools and data graphs.


Improved Service

Losant's Experience Views capability allows you to create uniquely branded experiences including dashboards, custom web pages, and custom API endpoints for every customer.


Save Time and Money With the Asset Tracker Application Template

Application Templates are comprehensive implementation examples utilizing Losant's features to build real IoT solutions. When you create a new IoT application from a template, the template will automatically generate all required devices, workflows, dashboards, and any other resources included in that template. They are built for usability, speed to market, and customization. For example, this Losant Asset Tracker Template represents a geolocation asset tracking solution with temperature, shock, and tilt monitoring.

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Why Losant?

Make faster and better-informed decisions with visibility to unified information from disparate devices, machines, and data sources.

Losant Accelerates the Creation of IoT Solutions

  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased developer efficiency
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