Install Losant in Your Environment With Portable Deployment

Your IoT application has several options for cloud deployment. All of Losant can be hosted on our cloud, your cloud, or on-premises. And Losant’s simple and flexible pricing model is designed to meet your unique business objectives.

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Reduce Development Complexity With Losant
and Your Current Cloud Vendor

You don’t have to choose between Losant and major cloud vendors for your IoT solution. Losant’s portable deployment options allow it to be installed in your cloud vendor environment. Many teams already use Losant to expedite the development of IoT applications on top of AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and MS Azure, and each offer a large catalog of independent services.

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Losant’s Flexible Deployment Options


Use Losant’s Public Cloud

Losant’s cloud includes infrastructure, maintenance, scaling, and security, so that you can access all of our IoT platform easily and on-demand.


Use Your Own On Premises

Have more control over data limits and deploy updates to the platform at your own pace by installing Losant on your private servers. This is a popular option for large enterprises or highly regulated industries.


Use Your Cloud

Install Losant on your current cloud vendor platform and get full access to Losant’s ease of use functionality without disrupting your existing solution work.

Hear From Google Cloud About How Losant Simplifies Development

Application enablement platforms provide IoT-specific components to simplify the development of IoT solutions. Device management, visualizations, a rules engine, integrations, analytics, and security are already built into AEPs, saving enterprise significant development time. Many cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, or MS Azure) provide the capabilities but require additional investments and complex architecture. Discover the benefits of Losant's low-code platform and how it can help your team bring IoT solutions to market faster.