Our Cloud, Your Cloud, On-Premises

Losant's IoT platform was architected from the ground up to provide unrivaled deployment flexibility. This ensures your IoT platform infrastructure can be deployed where you or your customers require it, meeting the most stringent scalability and security needs.

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Our Cloud

Losant's fully-managed cloud environment, with instant onboarding, is the fastest way to get your IoT application into the hands of your customers.

Losant's fully-managed cloud environment is hosted on Google Cloud.



Your Cloud

Gain the IoT development productivity of Losant while still meeting your organization's security requirements by installing Losant directly in your own public cloud account.

Losant supports all major cloud providers.




For regulated industries or large enterprises that demand full control over data and security, an on-premises installation brings Losant to your own data center or private servers.

Losant vs. Cloud Providers

Developing an IoT application on a cloud provider alone is not easy. Significant engineering resources must be spent integrating disparate services. All of Losant's components, from edge compute to end-user experiences, are tightly integrated for a unified developer experience, improved productivity, and reduced time to market.



Cloud Providers

Collection of disparate services that take significant engineering resources to integrate.



Fully-integrated platform for a unified developer experience, improved productivity, and reduced time to market.

Built-In Cloud Service Integrations

Losant's low-code development environment seamlessly integrates with your existing cloud services. This makes it easy to combine Losant for IoT development with any new or existing cloud service that your application requires.