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Condition-Based Maintenance

Garner the benefits of predictive maintenance and condition-based maintenance with IoT. Tap into existing machine controllers using edge computing. Unify data from new and existing systems to provide your clients with unmatched transparency. Avoid unnecessary disassembly and travel time for technicians by constantly monitoring conditions and responding only to anomalies.

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Save maintenance costs by getting frequent reports and empower your team to make decisions using real-time information about the conditions of your high-value equipment.

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Users can view data in real time, set alerts for anomalous conditions or create workflows to share daily email reports about conditions to their leadership teams or supply chain.

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Digitize historical equipment information and store data for predictive maintenance and machine learning models.

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One Powerful Platform

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform is an application enablement platform which allows enterprises to effectively build applications that securely scale to millions of devices. With real-time stream processing and batch processing capabilities, users can create dynamic experiences and perform complex analytics. All of Losant’s components, from Edge Compute to End-User Experiences, work seamlessly together to transform data into tailored IoT solutions.

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