Condition-Based Maintenance: Realize the Value of Monitoring Assets

Garner the benefits of predictive maintenance tools and condition-based maintenance (CBM) with the Internet of Things (IoT). Tap into existing machine controllers using edge computing IoT-based maintenance. Unify data from new and existing systems and CBM solutions to provide your clients with unmatched transparency. Avoid unnecessary disassembly and travel time for technicians by constantly monitoring conditions and responding only to anomalies.

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"Being able to monitor things is ideal. The microscopes are about $5 million each and they depend very much on the environment for things to function properly. It allows the managers of the lab to check very easily that all is well"
Dr. David Agard
Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics
University of California, San Francisco

Condition-Based Maintenance Architecture

Condition-Based Maintenance Architecture Flowchart

Benefits of CBM: Better Predict Your Machines Health



Save maintenance costs by getting frequent reports and empower your team to make decisions using real-time information about the conditions of your high-value equipment.


Improved Communication

Users can view data in real time, set alerts for anomalous conditions or create workflows to share daily email reports about conditions to their leadership teams or supply chain.


Future Solutions

Digitize historical equipment information and store data for predictive maintenance and machine learning models.


CBM Made Easy With Losant's Edge and Cloud Deployment Options

Monitoring your equipment creates transparency that will lead to greater efficiency and reliable service for your customers. Use the Losant IoT platform as your cloud foundation to collect, organize, report and respond to data from new and existing systems so you can create more value for your customers.

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Make faster and better-informed decisions with visibility to unified information from disparate devices, machines, and data sources.

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