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Entrepreneur's Enigma - Charlie Key On Being ...

What's it like to be an #entrepreneur in the #IoT space? Seth Goldstein talks to Charlie Key of Losant on the Entrepreneur's Enigma podcast.

IoT and Sustainability - Interview with ...

Check out this interview to understand IoT's value to ESG.
ESG and Sustainability were hot topics at CES. Hear what our CEO, Charlie Key, has to say about IoT's value to your project in this 10-minute interview sponsored by the IMC Newsdesk and led by Renil Paramel, CEO of the Strategy of Things.

Building Customer-Focused IoT Applications ...

In this episode of Over the Air - IoT, Connected Devices, & the Journey, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very, is joined by Charlie Key, Co-Founder, and CEO of Losant, an IoT software platform that makes it easy to build and go to market with enterprise IoT products and solutions. They discuss what makes Losant unique, how to find product market fit, and successful IoT marketing and sales strategies.

The Future of Biztech Podcast

In this Future of Biztech Podcast, Losant’s CEO Charlie key addresses multiple IoT use cases from industrial equipment monitoring to a smart environment such as a bathroom maintenance schedule driven by usage instead of a time-driven schedule. He provides real examples of enhanced customer experience and cost savings from understanding IoT data. As you may have heard before, bringing an IoT application successfully to market takes an ecosystem of partners with the right skills. Charlie talks about Losant’s partners and their value to your IoT project.

Losant’s Journey from Idea to Successful ...

Daniel Elizalde and our CEO, Charlie Key, talk about IoT, from product innovation to edge computing. You will enjoy Charlie's entrepreneurial spirit as he points out some salient criteria that guide Losant: Are there problems we can help customers solve?

Creating the Internet of Things

UpTech Report recently sat down with our CEO, Charlie Key, for an interview. He talked about some of the many interesting ways our clients have adopted our technology, including monitoring mining pumps in the Australian outback and shipment asset tracking for Verizon. He also talks about the inspiration he drew from his father, who manufactures jet engine parts in Ohio.  Listen to this informative IoT podcast.

See How You can Use the KST33 Series ...

Learn how you can use the growing LoRaWAN ecosystem featuring KS Technologies & Losant during Helium’s webinar series, The Uplink. This webinar will feature the KST Application Template. It provides example workflows and dashboards to demonstrate the functionality of the LoRaWAN KST3320 Distance Sensor. The episode will be live on April 8 at 3 PM ET.

IoT Coffee Talk

Welcome to IoT Coffee Talk where we have a fireside chat about all things #IoT over a cup of coffee or two with some of the industry's leading business minds, thought leaders, and technologists in a totally unscripted, organic format. In this installment, we have a special guest, Charlie Key, CEO and co-founder of Losant. This week we discuss the IoT #Edge and #MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing). We demystify and share what is going on at the edge where the stuff happens.

IoT Grand Slam Virtual Conference

Join Losant CEO, Charlie Key, during a discussion around real-time IIoT PLC monitoring on December 11 at 3 PM ET during the IoT Grand Slam Virtual Conference. Learn how to use IoT to monitor equipment PLCs to visualize real-time performance and condition information. Reduce unplanned downtime, prioritize maintenance schedules, and improve repair times by building a similar solution for your business.

Get Insights on the IIoT Innovations

Join Losant Partnerships Director, Craig Baldwin, during the virtual discussion IIoT Evolution and Innovation: Enablement Tools that Accelerate Time-to-Market on November 9 at 1 PM ET.  Get insights into how developers can use MQTT to streamline integration into third party networks, strategies for reducing development complexity using sensor APIs, and defining a minimum viable product and demonstrate value to customers.

A T&D World Webinar: Expanding the IoT into ...

Implementing IoT requires a lot of expertise from hardware to cloud connectivity. Explore real-life IoT use cases and learn how Sierra Wireless integrated their platform, Octave, with Losant’s Enterprise IoT Platform to simplify building an IoT edge-to-cloud solution for utilities. Attend Sierra Wireless’s live webinar on May 20 at 2 PM EDT. 

An Ericsson Webinar: D-15 digital dialogues ...

The best way to ensure a successful IoT initiative is by learning from experts who have contributed to multiple solutions in a variety of industries. Losant’s CEO, Charlie Key, will share his experiences implementing business-changing IoT solutions live during Ericsson's webinar with Liia Sarjakoski on May 6 at 1 PM EDT. Gain insights from topics including building an IoT ecosystem and strategies for accelerating an implementation.

Value in IoT - MachNation

Losant's Co-founder CEO Charlie Key gets that IoT isn't just about the technology. IoT is also about generating business value out of data. In our insightful conversation, we talk about how Charlie and his team helps businesses identify value-generating initiatives in IoT.


CES 2024

CES® is the most powerful tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. Here at Losant, we're proud to champion the breakthrough technology that is IoT and to enable global innovation with our comprehensive, low-code IoT enablement platform. Our team will be in Las Vegas, Nevada for CES 2024 (January 9th - 12th) and would be thrilled to discuss how we can continue to drive cutting-edge innovation together through IoT. See you there!

Leveraging IoT to Realize Operational and ...

The cold chain industry is the backbone of global supply, ensuring goods are delivered in optimal conditions. Losant is excited to collaborate with industry leader Kooler Farms and our partner, Senet, to shed light on the transformative power of IoT within this growing sector. We'll delve into the intricacies of cold chain logistics, explore real-world challenges from Kooler Farms, and showcase IoT's innovative solutions. The event takes place on December 5th at 11 AM EST. We look forward to seeing you there!

Visit Losant at the Advanced Manufacturing ...

Join us in Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 9th-10th, to network with over 3000 manufacturers, industry experts, and 1000+ unique manufacturing companies and discover the latest innovations shaping the future of the space. Visit the Losant booth to explore how IoT can transform your manufacturing approach!

Unlock the Future of Intelligent ...

Join Losant's CPO and Co-Founder, Brandon Cannaday, at IoT Days Summer - an event focused on intelligent infrastructure on June 29th. Explore how digital transformation revolutionizes roads, public transportation, energy management, and more. Discover the latest IoT use cases and seize new opportunities in a trillion-dollar market.

Smart Sustainability: The Intersection of ...

Join us on May 10th for a live webinar featuring a panel of IoT and ESG experts as we discuss the powerful intersectionality between IoT and sustainability initiatives. Thought leaders from both Losant and two of our partners (Charlton Morris and Particle) will be providing valuable information about how IoT can be used to conserve energy, monitor usage, and ultimately better your bottom line.

Casambi Summit - IoT Enables the Freedom To ...

Charlie Key, Co-founder and CEO of Losant will be presenting at the upcoming Casambi Summit. He’ll be talking about the Internet of Things and how it is being used to empower the freedom to create a brighter, sustainable, and more profitable future. Charlie has worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies to build business-changing software and applications. His unique background as a CEO and engineer enables him to eloquently communicate how IoT can serve as a viable solution to everyday business challenges.

Accelerating Enterprise IoT With Arduino Pro ...

Join Andrea Richetta, Head of Customer Success team for PRO Business Unit Arduino, and Losant's Chief Product Officer, Brandon Cannaday, and learn how the Arduino Pro line of high-performance and enterprise-ready boards, combined with Losant Edge Compute, accelerates time to market for your edge computing use cases.

Complex IoT Workloads Made Easy With Losant ...

Join Losant's Chief Product Officer, Brandon Cannaday, as he provides a technical deep dive into Losant's Resource Jobs and how to use them to deliver real-world use cases.

Create Energy Savings and Sustainability ...

Energy is a fundamental need of business and an increasingly opportune area for improvement. This webinar will feature an energy management use case from Measurlogic. You will hear a complete story of energy monitoring and how it works, including installation, monitoring techniques, and level of complexity.  Please join us on March 14 to hear more from Measurlogic, MSA, and Losant. 

IoT Has Taken Over the Supply Chain

The supply chain crunch has eased only somewhat, with chip shortages that will continue for the foreseeable future. Connected devices have made themselves indispensable in the management of inventories and supply. What technologies will see the broadest possible applications in the management of supply chains, and will they help alleviate bottlenecks? Please join Losant’s Adam Daniel, VP of Enterprise Solutions, and other panelists on March 9 at 10:00 AM ET for the IMC: IoT Days Winter: Day 2 

Partner for Growth With IoT and Losant at MWC

MWC Barcelona is the largest and most influential event where technology, community, and commerce converge. With extensive experience in telecommunications, Losant is well-positioned to partner with your enterprise. Join Losant at MWC Barcelona, February 27- March 2. We look forward to meeting with you.

Gain a Competitive Advantage With Losant

CES® is the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. 

Losant can provide the power of a flexible and secure low-code IoT platform backed by a team of engineering innovators. Our customers are successful with IoT. Let us tell you how over coffee or a beer. 

IoT World & AI Summit Austin

AI and IoT are perfect partners, complementary to each other for growth. AI is the key capability to make IoT systems and devices more intelligent by capturing business value from data and drawing insights and actions for your IoT solutions.

Be sure to stop by the Losant booth #535 featuring our AI partner, Elipsa, to see a demo or talk to our teams about your project.

IoT Tech Expo North America

Please join our Director of Solutions, Brian Cerchio, on Thursday, October 6 for "Thinking Beyond the Factory: Understanding IoT's Untapped Business Potential." Brian will be speaking in the IoT Connected Enterprise track at 12:40 PM PT at the IoT Tech Expo. This session will address telecoms, manufacturers, and OEMs that want to enhance their product life cycle with IoT.

MWC 2022: North America’s Most Influential ...

Reconnect with the ecosystem for the hottest innovation, cutting-edge thought leadership, and invaluable networking at MWC Las Vegas, September 28-30, 2022. With extensive experience in telecommunications, Losant is well-positioned to partner with your enterprise. Join Losant at MWC Las Vegas. We look forward to meeting with you.

Fall IoT Days: IoT Megatrends Focus | What ...

What Makes IoT Projects Succeed?
Please join Brian Cerchio, Director of Solutions, Losant, and other panelists for the IMC Fall IoT Days session that will discuss the characteristics of successful IoT technology deployments – specifically, those things that increase ROI, and reduce time-to-deployment and improve other KPIs. Brian and the panelists will address real-world use cases and success stories from a variety of vertical-market applications will be highlighted.

Small, Fast, and Flexible Edge Analytics ...

Please join Losant's partner Telchemy's CEO, Alan Clark, as he takes a deep dive into installing and configuring Embiot. Embiot is an innovative edge analytics agent designed for remote gateways and embedded applications. Alan will demonstrate how to use Embiot to read and analyze Modbus data and how to report that data to Losant's platform in this webinar.

Realcomm/IBcon 2022 Orlando

Realcomm | IBcon fuses both commercial real estate IT departments and smart building operations professionals to share effective technology solutions.
Join us on June 15 & 16 to experience a demonstration of what it takes to orchestrate various building systems with smart devices and data to create end-user experiences that will optimize resources and space. Our application enablement platform gives teams with limited IoT experience the ability to capitalize on low-code application development. 

Bring Your Smart Environment to Life with ...

Enterprises are getting back to on-site work, and the value of understanding and monitoring your environment has never been higher for property and facility managers. Join Senet's CTO, Dave Kjendal, and Losant in this Deeper Dive Webinar for step-by-step instructions on how to onboard LoRaWAN devices, visualize sensor data, and implement real-time alerting for your smart environment.

Incorporating BACnet Devices Into Your Smart ...

Please join Losant solutions architect Kevin Niemiller as he provides a technical deep dive into connecting, reading, visualizing, and alerting on a variety of BACnet devices commonly found in most buildings. Integration with BACnet devices and networks through Losant builds on our capability to orchestrate data from a variety of sources.

ESP32 Remote Monitoring and Control with the ...

Losant created the Embedded Edge Agent (EEA) to address the challenges in microcontroller firmware development. With the EEA, Losant brings our low-code Visual Workflow Engine to resource-constrained devices and gateways, including the ESP32. Please join Losant's Chief Product Officer, Brandon Cannaday, as he provides a deep dive into using the EEA to remotely monitor and control an ESP32's GPIO. 

Winter IoT Days - IoT Technology Focus

Track 2: Data Management 
AI/ML Yield Actionable Decision Points
AI and Machine Learning are not new technologies at this point, but they are being used more broadly than ever before to deliver actionable business intelligence through IoT devices. This session will examine how AI and Machine Learning are being deployed in a variety of vertical-market applications.

Please join Losant’s Adam Daniel, VP of Enterprise Solutions, and other panelists on February 23 at 11:00 AM ET.

AHR Expo 2022

HVACR manufacturers, please stop by Central Hall, EnOcean Alliance booth C1180, and visit Losant to discuss how IoT can enhance your business model by delivering IoT applications tailored for your customers.

You will see a demonstration of the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform and see how easy it is to build and scale compelling IoT applications for your customers. We look forward to seeing you at AHR Expo!

CES 2022

CES® stands for innovators and the promise and power of technology. Are you looking to expand your business model with IoT? Losant can provide the power of a flexible and secure low-code IoT platform backed by a team of engineering innovators. As a result, we’ve helped our Fortune 500 clients reduce maintenance costs, refine internal processes, and create new revenue streams in a wide range of industries. Usability empowers our clients to innovate, scale, and deliver tailored solutions to their customers. So whether you want to meet over coffee or a beer, you’ll see why it’s a worthwhile meeting. We look forward to connecting with you.

From Concept to Production: What OEMs Can ...

Verizon’s IoT initiatives highlight key applications of the technology as well as the business opportunity it presents OEMs. David Vasquez, Verizon, will share the story of how they developed IoT products for the marketplace and insights from two of their real-world use cases. Brandon Cannaday, Losant, will offer how to evaluate IoT technology as a cornerstone in making turnkey IoT solutions reliable and secure in this joint session scheduled from 1:15 PM – 2:00 PM ET on March 18th. Register for free by March 12. 

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