Upcoming events where you can learn more about Losant in person


IoT World Virtual Conference

The future of business starts here: the global conference and exhibition where strategists, technologists, developers, and implementers connect and demonstrate how IoT is activated across industry verticals. Losant can help you deliver tailored IoT solutions in Industrial IoT (IIoT), Telecommunications, and in Smart Environments. 

RealComm & IBcon

Ibcon20 is about the open architecture, interoperable, integrated, IP, IT-centric smart buildings of tomorrow. The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform is designed as an orchestration layer that facilitates seamless interactions between smart building systems and the people that will use them. Connect with us at Ibcon20 in Miami to discover how you can begin - we look forward to meeting you.


A T&D World Webinar: Expanding the IoT into ...

Implementing IoT requires a lot of expertise from hardware to cloud connectivity. Explore real-life IoT use cases and learn how Sierra Wireless integrated their platform, Octave, with Losant’s Enterprise IoT Platform to simplify building an IoT edge-to-cloud solution for utilities. Attend Sierra Wireless’s live webinar on May 20 at 2 PM EDT. 

An Ericsson Webinar: D-15 digital dialogues ...

The best way to ensure a successful IoT initiative is by learning from experts who have contributed to multiple solutions in a variety of industries. Losant’s CEO, Charlie Key, will share his experiences implementing business-changing IoT solutions live during Ericsson's webinar with Liia Sarjakoski on May 6 at 1 PM EDT. Gain insights from topics including building an IoT ecosystem and strategies for accelerating an implementation.

IoT Evolution Expo

Are you looking for that trusted partner to ensure your success in IoT? Losant is a progressive product team composed of software engineers, solutions engineers, and  IoT specialists. Together, we produce superior technology for enterprise IoT solutions. Visit us at booth 1209 at IoT Evolution Expo to experience real-world use cases along with our application enablement platform. 

Distributech International

Are you ready for the future of energy? San Antonio is the place where Utilities meet experienced partners and move forward with IoT. Spend a few minutes with Losant.

CES 2020

Are you CES ready? Losant is a progressive product team composed of software engineers, solutions engineers, and automation specialists. Together, we produce superior technology for enterprise IoT solutions. Our ability to quickly bring a variety of technologies together is what defines us. Usability empowers our clients to innovate, scale, and deliver tailored solutions to their customers. Whether you want to meet over coffee or a beer, you’ll see why it’s a worthwhile meeting.


IIoT World Days

Creating a more resourceful world: IoT's impact on the Utility Industry
In this session, Eric Toperzer from Itron and Craig Baldwin from Losant will explore IoT's significance to the Utility industry and why IoT is driving growth. Their combined experience of building IoT applications for utilities today encompasses common pressures utilities face, addressing the needs of the smart consumer, meeting demands for operational efficiency, and managing large amounts of data that are now a part of your organization.

Contact Tracing with IoT Deeper Dive Webinar

How is your enterprise responding to COVID-19? Join VP of Enterprise Solutions, Adam Daniel, as he discusses contact tracing with IoT. Learn why implementing contact tracing with IoT instead of a mobile app is a better option for enterprises. Discover how your enterprise can implement this solution using wearable hardware beacons, gateways, and Losant’s platform. Register for the Deeper Dive Webinar on June 23 at 1 PM EDT.

Learning IoT & Losant Deeper Dive Webinar

Getting started with an IoT project? Our upcoming webinar is a great place to start. Join Losant’s Education Lead, Taron Foxworth, as he discusses how to send data to the cloud, popular IoT use cases, and how Losant can simplify creating IoT applications. Find out how our platform and IoT experts can help you get started with a new IoT project. Register your team for the Learning Losant & IoT Deeper Dive Webinar on June 9 at 1 PM EDT.

Industrial Equipment Monitor Application ...

Join CPO, Brandon Cannaday, as he explores the full functionality of the Industrial Equipment Monitor Application Template. Learn how to use Losant’s Experience Groups to create a multi-tenant application and simulate how to view real-time and telemetry data in this solution type.

Enhance your Application Building with ...

Losant’s Application Templates simulate real-world IoT solutions. Each template provides architecture guidance, best practices, and can work as starting points for applications. Learn how your development team can get IoT solutions in-market faster. Attend our series of  Deeper Dive Webinars in April. Get complete details and register your team by following the link below.

Losant Notebooks Webinar

The release of Losant Notebooks provides entirely new analytics capability for your Losant applications. Listen as Brandon Cannaday, CPO reviews how we’ve integrated Jupyter Notebooks and enabled batch processing for IoT data.

Inventory Tracking Webinar

Discover how your team can use Losant to track inventory across one or a number of facilities. Develop efficient processes with Losant to detect changes, trends or create workflows to trigger orders or notifications.

Asset Tracking Webinar

Discover how to use Losant to track assets for your enterprise to help protect investments. Using an application and a real-world example, our experts show users how to monitor activity, conditions of equipment, location and more.

Equipment Monitoring Webinar

Learn how the Losant platform can help enterprises collect, organize, report, and respond to data from industrial equipment.

New User Interface Webinar

Losant's platform update by CPO, Brandon Cannaday guided users through the new application-wide search function, organized left-side navigation, and the improvements to application dashboards.

Smart Environment Webinar

Understand how a smart environment application built on the Losant platform can help increase efficiency and monitor resources for your enterprise.

Value in IoT - MachNation

Losant's Co-founder CEO Charlie Key gets that IoT isn't just about the technology. IoT is also about generating business value out of data. In our insightful conversation, we talk about how Charlie and his team helps businesses identify value-generating initiatives in IoT.

Creating Smart Spaces for Enterprises with ...

"...Using the Losant platform and orchestration engine to pull these things together." Listen in to hear Charlie Key talking about these things, ROI, digital transformation, and IoT.

Losant, a Powerful and Simple Cloud Platform ...

“We fit into the Digital Transformation era.” Brandon Cannaday, Losant’s CPO discusses POCs, listening to customer needs and the ROI of IOT.

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