Upcoming events and webinars where you can learn more about Losant.


Advanced Templating within Losant

Join Education Lead, Taron Foxworth, as he offers a thorough overview of the Losant Template Engine on January 26 at 1 PM ET. Learn how to increase your development efficiency in Losant through templating, get relevant use cases, and see how templating enables flexible multi-tenant applications.

Utilizing Azure IoT Edge and Losant Edge ...

Join Losant CPO, Brandon Cannaday, and a Microsoft Azure expert for a detailed overview of Azure IoT Edge and Losant Edge Compute on February 9 at 1 PM ET.  Learn how to implement edge computing in your IoT technology stack and get step-by-step instructions on how to build an industrial remote monitoring solution using these platforms. 

Designing and Implementing your IoT ...

Join CPO, Brandon Cannaday, and get expert insight on how to build your IoT products multi-tenant application on March 2 at 1 PM ET.  Allow your customers to share the same application with different UI experience views. See three common multi-tenancy models and get a tutorial on how to implement them in Losant.


IIoT World Virtual Conference

Industrial IoT World will deliver dedicated case studies from manufacturers, logistics providers, and technology trailblazers shaping the revolution’s landscape. Be a part of the industry-wide conversation to address core challenges from monetizing and securing data to updating business models. Gain insights from Losant IoT experts through live demos and chats. Schedule a meeting with our team during IIoT World today!

Get Insights on the IIoT Innovations

Join Losant Partnerships Director, Craig Baldwin, during the virtual discussion IIoT Evolution and Innovation: Enablement Tools that Accelerate Time-to-Market on November 9 at 1 PM ET.  Get insights into how developers can use MQTT to streamline integration into third party networks, strategies for reducing development complexity using sensor APIs, and defining a minimum viable product and demonstrate value to customers.

IoT Tech Expo North America Virtual

Explore the latest challenges, opportunities, and innovations within the Internet of Things. Experience its impact across industry sectors. Losant will be sharing and discussing its Contact Tracing Solution Framework, an easy way to get your business back to work with IoT. Come to our virtual booth to see other leading industry use cases and hear our speakers address this compelling solution. Schedule a meeting with our team during IoT Tech Expo!

RealComm | IBcon’s 2020 virtual conference

RealComm|IBcon rounds up industry leaders in commercial real estate IT and smart building operations to discuss innovative tech solutions for space utilization, building management, visitor management, and a host of other solutions. Discover how Losant’s application enablement platform can orchestrate systems in your environment through live demos and chats with our experts. Schedule a meeting with our team today!

Hierarchical Edge Computing: A Practical ...

Edge computing has many benefits for industrial IoT use cases. In this Losant session during IMC’s IoT Days, you will hear from Brandon Cannaday, Losant’s CPO, on why adopting a hybrid edge and cloud IoT strategy can offer a new subset of capabilities that cloud alone cannot deliver. Capabilities including local control, always-on functionality, and efficient data processing, are now easily deployed and managed with edge computing. On Thursday, September 24, explore real-world edge computing IIoT use cases with Losant.


IoT World Virtual Conference

The future of business starts here: the global conference and exhibition where strategists, technologists, developers, and implementers connect and demonstrate how IoT is activated across industry verticals. Losant can help you deliver tailored IoT solutions in Industrial IoT (IIoT), Telecommunications, and in Smart Environments. 

IIoT World Days

Creating a more resourceful world: IoT's impact on the Utility Industry
In this session, Eric Toperzer from Itron and Craig Baldwin from Losant will explore IoT's significance to the Utility industry and why IoT is driving growth. Their combined experience of building IoT applications for utilities today encompasses common pressures utilities face, addressing the needs of the smart consumer, meeting demands for operational efficiency, and managing large amounts of data that are now a part of your organization.

A T&D World Webinar: Expanding the IoT into ...

Implementing IoT requires a lot of expertise from hardware to cloud connectivity. Explore real-life IoT use cases and learn how Sierra Wireless integrated their platform, Octave, with Losant’s Enterprise IoT Platform to simplify building an IoT edge-to-cloud solution for utilities. Attend Sierra Wireless’s live webinar on May 20 at 2 PM EDT. 

An Ericsson Webinar: D-15 digital dialogues ...

The best way to ensure a successful IoT initiative is by learning from experts who have contributed to multiple solutions in a variety of industries. Losant’s CEO, Charlie Key, will share his experiences implementing business-changing IoT solutions live during Ericsson's webinar with Liia Sarjakoski on May 6 at 1 PM EDT. Gain insights from topics including building an IoT ecosystem and strategies for accelerating an implementation.


IoT Grand Slam Virtual Conference

Join Losant CEO, Charlie Key, during a discussion around real-time IIoT PLC monitoring on December 11 at 3 PM ET during the IoT Grand Slam Virtual Conference. Learn how to use IoT to monitor equipment PLCs to visualize real-time performance and condition information. Reduce unplanned downtime, prioritize maintenance schedules, and improve repair times by building a similar solution for your business.

KST Application Template

Learn how to use KST-device connection and Losant to visualize and respond to business needs with the KST Application Template. This AT is a great option for new platform users who want to test sensor data and understand how that info integrates with Losant in a PoC environment. See Losant Dashboards, sensor deployments, and how to extend the KST/Losant integration for advanced users during the Turning Your Trash Into Treasure Using Sensors & Losant Webinar. Get insights, watch the replay.

Apply SSO with Losant and Azure Active ...

Implement single sign-on (SSO) in your IoT applications by onboarding new users within an organization using authentication systems like Azure Active Directory. Join Losant Engineers as they walkthrough building an application that uses SSO. Get protips and learn how to use Losant Experiences to build custom APIs and user interfaces with built-in management and authentication. Watch the webinar replay.

Introducing Template Library

The Losant Template Library is a catalog of common Losant IoT building blocks that can be imported into any new or existing application to speed up development of prototypes, data visualizations, and end-user experiences.  Your enterprise can use the catalog to not only fast-track your application development, but also implement best practices around usability, security, and scalability when building out your workflows and user interfaces. Experience how to quickly add boilerplate functionality to your IoT applications so you can focus on the specifics of your use case, watch the webinar replay. 

Indoor Asset Tracking Application Template

Bootstrap an indoor tracking IoT solution with our latest application template. Join Success Engineer, Julia Kempf, as she walks through Losant’s Indoor Asset Tracking Application Template. This multi-view template offers real-time, location-based event alerts and monitoring, sample devices, and live/historical overview and device dashboards.  Equip your engineering team with the ability to monitor availability, performance, and quality to improve processes. Experience how to monitor an indoor environment for a variety of use cases, watch the webinar replay. 

Losant's OEE Application Template Replay

What if you could build an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) IoT solution without starting from scratch? Join Solutions Architect, Maria Lang, as she walks through how to quickly build this IoT scalable solution with Losant’s OEE Application Template. Equip your engineering team with the ability to monitor availability, performance, and quality to improve manufacturing processes. Get insight from the engineer that built the template, watch the webinar replay on-demand. 

Value in IoT - MachNation

Losant's Co-founder CEO Charlie Key gets that IoT isn't just about the technology. IoT is also about generating business value out of data. In our insightful conversation, we talk about how Charlie and his team helps businesses identify value-generating initiatives in IoT.

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