Explore Losant Functionality With These Component Demos

Discover the benefits of Losant's low-code platform in these online video demonstrations. Each demo provides an overview of the component working in an actual application. Device management, visualizations, a rules engine, integrations, analytics, and security are already built into Losant, saving enterprises significant development time. Whether you're building your IoT application for internal use or providing an IoT product or service to your customers, the Losant platform is known for usability, scalability, and reliability.

View Losant Platform Demos

Each component has a video demonstration of the core functionality and unique features. All of Losant’s components, from Edge Compute to End-User Experiences, work seamlessly together to transform data into tailored IoT solutions. Experience the ease of use and efficiency many Losant developers enjoy by viewing our platform demos.

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Now that you have had an opportunity to experience the components of the Losant IoT platform, why not meet with one of our Solution Engineers. We can tailor a platform walkthrough customized to your use case or industry. Bring your team to get all of your questions addressed.

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Experience Losant’s Fully-Integrated IoT Platform

Losant’s IoT-specific component demonstrations are focused on core functionality and unique features. Watch the overview video to understand Losant’s seamless integration of these components that support developers to move easily within the platform and have everything they need to build an IoT application that is secure, will scale, and offers the ability to publish a connected solution to their customers. Enjoy this brief overview.

Access Losant Features In The Developer Sandbox

Before purchasing an enterprise license, experience the full functionality of the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform in the free Developer Sandbox.

The Losant Developer Sandbox is the perfect place to gain access to product features and test your IoT application. Build using our application enablement platform and transfer your work to new or existing organizations when you are ready to move to full-scale production. Our platform flexibility is one of our strengths. We support small to medium businesses to large enterprises.

Evaluate the platform using the Sandbox. Then, when you’re ready, we will provide a quote based on your requirements.

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Sandbox Benefits

  • Connect up to 10 devices
  • Evaluate the platform against your criteria
  • Little to no code required
  • 30 days of data storage