IoT for Telecommunications

A new era of growth and opportunity for telecommunications carriers is emerging around the connectivity of devices and customized IoT solutions such as asset tracking, equipment monitoring, and condition-based maintenance. Grow revenue and subscriber relationships offering new services that help enterprises continuously learn, improve, and deliver better customer experiences — partner with Losant for the momentum needed to succeed. Our highly flexible enterprise IoT platform and application building enablement will create new value around your network strengths. Put IoT to work for you and your customers quickly and profitably.

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Proof of Concept

For telecommunications organizations, a proof of concept may be the best way to introduce IoT internally. As many telco companies are looking for flexibility in how they offer solutions to a number of vertical markets, a low-risk PoC provides a valuable starting point to align business and technical strategy. Begin with a PoC to establish goals, gain leadership support, and hone a vertical approach.

How it Works

Start immediately. Engage your team and define the schedule in the first step.



Collectively define goals, inputs, metrics, scope, risks, success criteria and schedule.



Create execution plan, acquire hardware, develop software, configure Losant, and implement concept.



Execute plan. Install hardware. Gather desired data. Visualize using Losant.



Review results, compare outcomes to success criteria, develop pilot plan or production plan and align on how to move forward.

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Losant Is a Winning Bet

Developers need a space to experiment, prototype, scale, and produce. Learn how Michael Kuehl, Losant’s Chief Technical Officer, works to exceed the needs of developers and maintains the platform through testing, monitoring, and compliance with established standards.

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Build Valuable Solutions With Losant

Our team is committed to helping our clients implement IoT solutions that help meet business goals. Several Losant clients have already successfully enhanced existing processes, saved costs, and expanded service offerings using data from IoT applications.

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One Powerful Platform

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform is an application enablement platform which allows enterprises to effectively build applications that securely scale to millions of devices. With real-time stream processing and batch processing capabilities, users can create dynamic experiences and perform complex analytics. All of Losant’s components, from Edge Compute to End-User Experiences, work seamlessly together to transform data into tailored IoT solutions.

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Talk to a Solutions Engineer

It’s an opportunity for a fruitful dialogue about IoT solutions. You can see platform capabilities and your team of developers will experience the ease of use.

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Jump in the Sandbox

The Losant Developer Sandbox is the perfect place to gain access to product features and test your IoT solution. Build using our AEP and transfer your work to new or existing organizations when you are ready to move to full-scale production.

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Losant's Pricing Model

Talk to Losant’s Business Development Team about your IoT platform needs. We can provide pricing to support your objectives.

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