Accelerate Development With Losant’s Templates

Losant’s low-code IoT platform is designed to make IoT application development easier. We’ve developed pre-built, out-of-the-box application components that can be imported into your existing applications. Losant Application Templates, Library Templates, and Partner Templates allow Losant developers to build an application faster and enable quicker time to market. Build smarter, not harder.

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Bootstrap Your IoT Application With Losant’s Application Templates

Application Templates are comprehensive implementation examples utilizing Losant's features to build real IoT solutions. We created templates for some popular use cases such as Industrial Equipment Monitoring, Asset Tracking, and Huddle Room Monitor. With the popularity of AI adding additional value to IoT, we now have Elipsa Predictive Maintenance. When you create a new IoT application from a template, the template will automatically generate all required devices, workflows, dashboards, and any other resources included in that template. They are built for usability, speed to market, and customization. They are a time-savings teaching tool that offers:

  • Architecture guidance
  • Implementation best practices
  • A starting point for your own IoT applications
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Quickly Add Functionality to Your IoT Applications With the Template Library

The Losant Template Library is a collection of common UI components, sample workflows, data simulators, and examples for platform users. We continue to grow our Library with new entries designed to demonstrate Losant best practices, shorten time to market, and improve end-user experience. The templates allow developers to:

  • Integrate at any stage of application development
  • Import functionality that is common to most applications
  • Improve application development, security, and speed to market
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KST Application Template Dashboard

Extend Your Brand’s Reach with Partner Templates

Get your brand in front of thousands of developers building IoT applications by creating a Partner Template. These application templates are often built in conjunction with a Losant Engineer. Partner benefits include:

  • Showcase your team’s capabilities in the IoT space
  • Make hardware integration with our platform seamless
  • Promote your brand to our community of IoT application developers
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Access Losant Features In The Developer Sandbox

Before purchasing an enterprise license, experience the full functionality of the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform in the free Developer Sandbox.

The Losant Developer Sandbox is the perfect place to gain access to product features and test your IoT application. Build using our application enablement platform and transfer your work to new or existing organizations when you are ready to move to full-scale production. Our platform flexibility is one of our strengths. We support small to medium businesses to large enterprises.

Evaluate the platform using the Sandbox. Then, when you’re ready, we will provide a quote based on your requirements.

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Sandbox Benefits

  • Connect up to 10 devices
  • Evaluate the platform against your criteria
  • Little to no code required
  • 30 days of data storage