IoT for OEMs

IoT provides access to data that allows OEMs to extend the life of products and provide new services to customers. Tap in and evolve your products with Losant’s IoT platform. Solutions built with Losant’s application enablement platform, whether on-premises or in the cloud, can help you deliver uniquely branded end-user experiences for every customer. Complement existing products with monitoring, compliance, or maintenance subscription service options. Reach new markets by introducing machine-as-a-service solutions.

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Manufacturing Customers Include


End-User Experiences

Transform raw data into experiences for internal users or customers with Losant Experience Views. Enable the creation of multi-tenant applications for your customers’ customers. Quickly build uniquely branded domains, applications, or reports.

More End-User Experience Features

  • Custom domains and SSL Integrated File Storage
  • Direct access to HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Secure user groups and authentication
  • Visual workflow engine for backend logic
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Losant End-User Experiences in Market

Losant’s End-User Experiences component allows users to easily view and monitor assets in a clean and easy-to-navigate visual environment. For example, NimbeLink, a Losant client, integrated data from its existing data warehouse into Losant’s Enterprise IoT Platform to collect and store data for its asset-tracking solution. The team is now able to quickly deploy dashboards, configure reports, and secure clients’ information with user authentication.

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Internet of Things

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