ESG and IoT, What You Need To Know

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides the ability to understand specifics of enterprise performance faster and more transparent, accelerating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) value recognition. Capture data as it occurs — real-time. Then you can start to analyze, visualize, and identify areas that could be improved with new monitoring insights. IoT gives you a complete cycle to refine or fast-track new solutions related to water, energy, waste, and emissions when the data says change is needed. If your sustainability, including environmental solutions or ESG goals, is not being met or you are just starting, IoT could be the right technology to introduce to your plan.

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Monitoring for Transparency and Insights Is Easy With Losant

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform provides applications for many use cases, including monitoring fuel, air, water, energy, and emissions. Multiple devices and sensors are available to support reporting metrics for ESG. Losant can ingest this data with ease.


Start Creating Insights

Data is the backbone of every IoT solution. But the needs and uses of that data can vary wildly from organization to supply chain. Therefore, your enterprise needs a solution that can be customized to suit your specific ESG requirements. Losant’s platform was designed with customization in mind, supporting solutions from wildly different needs and data sources. For example, Losant provides you with robust data visualization and analytic functionality and the customization tools your team needs to create the best ESG solution for your enterprise.


With IoT Data You Can Get a Jump on Remediation

ESG has many aspects of your enterprise and supply chain that will be included in this regulation. IoT gives you a full cycle to fast-track remediation when the data says you need to make changes. With Losant’s drag-and-drop Visual Workflow Engine, you can accelerate the development of even the most complex IoT solution, and it is the essential orchestration tool. Seamlessly adapt to ever-changing business requirements or shifts in your supply chain.

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Build Fast With Losant’s Workflow Engine

MachNation, an analyst firm exclusively dedicated to testing and benchmarking Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, middleware, and services had this to say about our platform.

“Losant’s node-based visual workflow engine is one of the more user-friendly and sophisticated rules engines on the market today.”



Orchestrate New and Existing Data With Losant

Solve the ESG challenge with a customized application built with Losant’s low-code platform. Whether your development team is in-house or you rely on a trusted systems integrator, our application enablement platform allows teams to capitalize on low-code application development. As a result, you can orchestrate massive amounts of data, integrate new sources, and customize reports for ESG. With Losant, we can provide a single pane of glass and integrate with other partners to solve the entire solution. Connect with us.

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