Take a Deeper Dive Into The Connected Product Foundation

Learn about our brand-new Connected Product Foundation (CPF) from Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Brandon Cannaday. Dive into how to accelerate your next IoT solution using CPF. The new template includes everything from multi-tenancy to white labeling.


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Introduction to The Connected Product Foundation
Introduction to The Connected Product Foundation

Losant’s Connected Product Foundation (CPF) is a prebuilt and production-ready template that significantly reduces the development time and complexity for your connected products. In this webinar, Losant’s Chief Product Officer, Brandon Cannaday, will provide a deep dive into how the CPF works, how to configure it for your organization, and how it can be extended to deliver your product’s specific IoT requirements.

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Incorporating BACnet Devices Into Your Smart Environment
Incorporating BACnet Devices Into Your Smart Environment

In this Deeper Dive Replay, Losant Solutions Architect Kevin Niemiller provides a technical deep dive into connecting, reading, visualizing, and alerting on a variety of BACnet devices commonly found in most buildings. Integration with BACnet devices and networks through Losant builds on our capability to orchestrate data from a variety of sources.

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Modbus Edge Compute With Lanner Application Template
Modbus Edge Compute With Lanner Application Template

In this Deeper Dive Replay, experience our Modubs Edge Compute Application Template with Lanner. Learn how to read and securely transmit Modbus TCP & Modbus RTU data and see example Edge Workflows, real-time Event creation on sensor thresholds, and dashboards to visualize Modbus TCP & Modbus RTU data.

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