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IoT for Smart Environment

Promote productivity and engage top talent with a smart environment built with the IoT. Use Losant to collect, visualize and analyze data to create a smart office, smart building or a smart campus. Create value by conserving energy, optimizing resources, enhancing security and improving space efficiency. 

A view of a busy office building with several floors of people, conference rooms, and open space environments.

The Losant Guide:
Smart Environment

With the appropriate technology, any environment can become a smart environment; whether your business operates from a warehouse, building, multi-facility campus or office space. Learn what it takes to orchestrate various building systems with smart devices and data to create end-user experiences that will optimize resources and space.

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A smart office environment with people, furniture and expensive computer assets that can be tracked easily with IoT.

Asset Tracking

Reduce costs and improve productivity by tracking the flow of resources for an efficient environment. Analyze usage patterns using IoT data to maximize resources, and streamline schedules for assets and your client's employees.

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Build Valuable Solutions with Losant

Our team is committed to helping our clients implement IoT solutions that help meet business goals. Several Losant clients have already successfully enhanced existing processes, saved costs and expanded service offerings using data from IoT applications.

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Visual Workflow Engine

Losant’s Visual Workflow Engine enables users to apply rules and logic to data in real time as it’s collected. Our easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows development teams to build and make changes quickly.

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Losant’s in-house solutions team is ready to work directly with your organization to help define success, create a plan, build a solution, and evaluate results according to your criteria.

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