Make Smart Environment's Fully Automated and Reliable With IoT

Create value by conserving energy, optimizing resources, enhancing security, and improving space efficiency. The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform provides an intelligent orchestration layer to facilitate better interaction between smart office systems and the people that work within them. Work with your existing or new space and integrate it with your building management systems. We make it easy to collect, visualize, and analyze data to create a smart office, smart building, or a smart campus. Then, quickly deliver real value to property managers, facility managers, and campus security teams.

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"Cincinnati-based Losant provides CVG Airport - Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport integrated solutions for our passenger train monitoring system and customer displays, operational views, and real-time reporting for our housekeeping staff using wearables and working on more edge developments for operational efficiency and customer delivery on the horizon!"
Brian Cobb
Chief Innovation Officer

Smart Environment Architecture

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Indoor Tracking and Positioning of Assets Made Easy With IoT

Although it may be easy to find off-the-shelf solutions for indoor positioning and indoor tracking, Losant combines asset position information with data from other sources to help teams make decisions based on real-time data.

Our application enablement platform gives teams with limited IoT experience the ability to capitalize on low-code application development. A solution can quickly and securely integrate with databases, call upon web services, or utilize third-party APIs. Download our solution brief to discover additional benefits of using an AEP for indoor positioning and tracking.


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Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning is the method of using triangulation with WiFi, Bluetooth, Near-Field Communication (NFC), ultra-wideband, or other technology to determine the exact position of objects inside of a structure where GPS fails or lacks precision.

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Indoor Tracking

Indoor tracking is the ability to identify the real-time location of an object inside of a structure as that object moves using indoor positioning technology.

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Inspire Your Vision With Successful Smart Environment Solutions

Synchronize the building management systems in your smart environment with Losant. Interoperability doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Integrate existing equipment on BACnet networks using our BACnet integration. Read this blog to see how IoT integration can extend value in BMS.

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Why Losant?

Make faster and better-informed decisions with visibility to unified information from disparate devices, machines, and data sources.

Losant Accelerates the Creation of IoT Solutions

  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased developer efficiency
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