Proof of Concept

The start to your IoT journey

How It Works

The Losant POC Process is divided into four phases. You can start quickly, within a week and define your timeline in the definition phase.



Collectively define goals, inputs, metrics, scope, risks, success criteria and schedule.



Create execution plan, acquire hardware, develop software, configure Losant, implement concept and modify definition if needed.


Press Button

Execute plan, collect data, maintain concept and modify definition if needed.


Circle with Star

Review results, compare outcomes to success criteria, develop full execution plan and align with a decision to move forward.

Losant Is Your IoT Solution Provider

Losant’s in-house solution team is ready to work directly with your organization to help define success, create a plan, build a solution and evaluate results according to your criteria. We facilitate collaboration with our partners to bring polished, large-scale solutions to market.

Get Started with a PoC Solution Session

Losant Provides You With The Tools You Need To Succeed

Bridge information gaps between IT, OT and other cross-functional teams using Losant’s data visualization features, including reporting and alerts. Integrate edge computing capabilities with existing cloud systems for reduced latency and local control. Losant's low-risk Proof of Concept process provides enterprises with the ability to start on a small project and scale up.

Workflow Engine

Learn More About the Losant Platform

Move from POC to full-scale production in weeks

Empower your team to make decisions with real-time information. Begin by addressing one problem, evaluate our platform, and help leadership teams make a decision about whether an IoT solution will add value to your business.

  • Experience a fully-functional solution in your environment with your team.
  • Learn how to use the Losant IoT platform to visualize and manage your data.
  • See results immediately – use real-time data insights to drive quicker business decisions.
  • Justify your IoT purchase with minimal entry investment.

Are You IoT Ready?

Building full IoT applications requires vast amounts of knowledge across multiple disciplines. IoT touches hardware, cloud infrastructure, software, security, and more—each with their own respective platforms, solutions, and requirements. Nonetheless, Intel predicts that IoT is expected to grow to 200 billion devices by 2020.

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