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IoT for Logistics

With pressure to cut costs, logistics companies must operate more efficiently. This requires fleet management to have greater visibility into all aspects of the digital supply chain. The Internet of Things provides teams with access to more than vehicle location data points. Manage fleets and reduce maintenance costs by knowing needs in advance. Positively impact business continuity by monitoring load conditions in real-time through an app or with reports. Reduce costs and offer the highest level of customer service with data generated from IoT devices.

Colorful shipping containers to support cargo at sea.
Colorful shipping containers being evaluated by a worker.

Asset Tracking

Get a complete picture of an asset’s status, location, and condition with the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform. Our tools can incorporate data from new and existing devices or sources to prevent theft, monitor high-priced inventory or help stakeholders make informed business decisions based on real-time information. Eliminate uncertainty about your supply chain with asset tracking.

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Remotely View Location Data with Losant’s Experience Views

NimbeLink’s customers requested a better way to display asset location, motion, and temperature information. NimbeLink integrated data from its proprietary platform, N-Link, into the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform. Losant’s Experience features enabled NimbeLink to provide its customers with visibility of information and a host of other data points from its asset trackers in the field. NimbeLink now provides its customers with a customizable dashboard; which allows the opportunity to select the information most relevant to their individual situation.

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Food Truck Monitoring

Data Visualization

Losant’s IoT platform enables users to filter, transform, and process data in real time as it’s collected. Easy-to-use data visualization functionality allows real-time visibility to the exact location of all the people, pallets, vehicles, machines, and equipment in the logistics system.

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