Edge Compute

Benefits of Losant Edge Compute

Enhance customer experience and add business value with a hybrid edge and cloud IoT strategy.

Local Control

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Decisions can be made locally, without requiring an internet connection.

Always On

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In times of intermittent internet connections, data is still collected and processed with no downtime.

Improved Performance

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Network congestion and internet latency are no longer a factor when processing large volumes of data.

Platform Update 08.8.18

Introducing Custom Nodes and the Losant Node Catalog

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Edge Computing Use Case

National Pump and Energy implemented a powerful condition-based maintenance solution for their industrial pumps at mining sites all over Australia. Using edge computing, NPE gathers Modbus data from each pump, locally processes and transmits the information to Losant’s cloud for visualization, alerts and long-term analytics

Edge and Cloud, Working Seamlessly Together

Losant bridges the gap between edge and cloud to deliver unparalleled functionality and time-to-market.

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Tailor-Made for the Industrial Internet of Things

Losant Edge Compute is specifically designed to accelerate the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things across a wide variety of industries.




Oil & Gas

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Wow, this is really a major expansion of Losants IoT platform. This will make IIoT use cases a lot easier to support. We will look if we can utilize this Edge Computing extension on RPI based industrial PLCs, including the ones with on board Modbus support. Big thanks to the team. Great work.

Manfred van der Voort


Getting Started with Edge Compute is Easy

Losant’s visual workflow editor and instant over-the-air updates drastically increases developer efficiency and reduces time-to-market. Watch the video or check out our comprehensive guide for instructions on how to deploy your first Losant Edge Compute device and experience the results for yourself.

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