The Losant Developer Sandbox

In the Losant Developer Sandbox, users can build working IoT applications with all of the features of the Losant Enterprise IoT platform. Connect devices, create workflows, and monitor IoT solutions to evaluate the components of our application enablement platform. Build for free at your own pace and then transfer your work to an organization when your team is ready for production.

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  • No cost and no credit card required
  • Connect up to 10 devices
  • Evaluate the platform against your criteria
  • Little to no code required
  • 30 days of data storage

Edge Compute

Deploy logic to edge devices using Losant’s edge computing functionality. Reduce reliance on connectivity and pre-filter the data that will be sent to the cloud.

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Device & Data Sources

Organize data and devices with Losant’s tagging and device modeling features. Provide security with TLS encryption protocols and fully revocable access keys for each device.

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Data Visualization

Collect, compare, report, and respond to real-time data or integrate Jupyter Notebooks for batch processing of historical data and deep analytics. Visualize information using Losant graphs, maps, and logs to influence immediate business decisions.

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Visual Workflow Engine

Accelerate the development of even the most complex IoT solution with Losant’s drag-and-drop Visual Workflow Engine. Seamlessly adapt to ever-changing business requirements.

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End-User Experiences

Transform raw data into experiences for internal users or customers with Losant Experience Views. Enable the creation of multi-tenant applications for your customers’ customers. Quickly build uniquely branded domains, applications, or reports.

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Support for the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform

Continue moving forward with Losant using our array of resources. Get guidance from current users, documentation, or engaging tutorials.

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Losant Forums

Ask questions and quickly get answers to common issues in the Losant Forums. Conversations are monitored by Losant support engineers and cataloged to help you keep moving along on your IoT journey.

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Losant Documentation

Learn how to build IoT applications using detailed documentation written by the engineers who built the platform. Our docs contains visual aids, screenshots, and examples thorough enough for developers and non-developers alike.

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Blog Posts & Tutorials

View our tutorials to learn how to use Losant features and integrate with your existing systems. Losant engineers frequently add new features to the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform. Stay up to date on what’s new by following the blog.

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Losant U

Losant University combines video training and hands-on workshops to help you and your team quickly learn the full functionality of Losant and get up-to-speed as Losant developers.

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See How Businesses Are Innovating With Losant

Losant’s End-User Experiences component allows users to easily view and monitor assets in a clean and easy-to-navigate visual environment. For example, NimbeLink, a Losant client, integrated data from its existing data warehouse into Losant’s Enterprise IoT Platform to collect and store data for its asset-tracking solution. The team is now able to quickly deploy dashboards, configure reports, and secure clients’ information with user authentication.

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