Losant Platform Overview

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform is an application enablement platform which allows enterprises to effectively build applications and create solutions that securely scale to millions of devices. Components work seamlessly together to transform real-time data from connected and non-connected devices into custom end-user experiences.

Workflow and Dashboard

End-User Experiences

Losant’s fully-integrated End-User Experiences functionality provides all the tools necessary to build completely custom and branded user interfaces and APIs.


End-User Experience Features

  • Custom domains and SSL
  • Integrated file storage
  • Direct access to HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Secure user groups and authentication
  • Visual Workflow Engine for backend logic
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Motor Workflow
Workflows Icon

Visual Workflow Engine

Losant’s proprietary Visual Workflow Engine is the fundamental component of our platform. This engine helps quickly implement business logic and provides a unified development tool.

Component Features

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Built-in versioning
  • Custom nodes
  • Real-time debugging
  • Highly scalable cloud execution
  • Losant Edge Agent for local execution
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Data Visualization Icon

Data Visualization

Losant’s Data Visualization provides easy-to-use drag and drop dashboards which connect directly to your device’s data. Securely publish dashboards internally or externally. Visualize data with real-time stream processing or integrate Losant Notebooks for batch processing.

Component Features

  • Multiple dashboard blocks
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Drag and drop layout tools
  • Real-time visualizations
  • Input controls
  • Jupyter Notebook Integration
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Data and Device Management Icon

Devices and Data Sources

Losant’s Devices and Data Sources functionality helps to normalize data and provides storage in Losant’s data warehouse for easy access and further application enablement.

Component Features

  • Built-in data warehouse
  • Bulk creation and device recipes
  • Hosted MQTT and REST API endpoints
  • Integrations for third-party device management
  • Custom data tables
  • SDKs for Arduino, Node.js, Ruby and Python
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Edge Icon

Edge Compute

Losant’s Edge Compute bridges the gap between your local environment and the cloud by allowing workflows to run directly on your own gateways.


Edge Compute Features

  • Remote updating from the cloud
  • Local buffering to prevent data loss
  • Losant Edge Agent shipped as a Docker
  • Support for Modbus TCP
  • Access to local file system
  • Remote commands triggered from the cloud
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Losant Notebooks

With Losant Notebooks, users can now perform batch processing for deeper analytics against application data. Jupyter Notebooks is seamlessly integrated into the Losant Platform.

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End-To-End Security

Best-in-class security measures mean your data is secure using Losant.


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