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As one of the industry's most significant events, IoT World/AI Summit is where enterprises and technology partners meet to put the power of IoT with AI into action. Our experts will be there to discuss our exciting in-market use cases, and our AI partner, Elipsa, will be able to share how complementary AI and IoT are with a demonstration at booth #535. Join us November 2-3 in Austin.

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Industrial Equipment Monitoring Demo

This demonstration teaches how facilities can integrate remote monitoring capabilities by combining the Losant Edge Agent with the Bosch XM21 PLC, a water pump, a vibration sensor, and a flow switch. This use case monitors water, but remote monitoring fuel, air, energy, and emissions for ESG reporting is doable (need to change word) with the availability of multiple types of devices and sensors. Losant can ingest this data with ease.

Visit Losant at Booth #535


Inspire Sustainability With Successful Smart Environment Solutions

Experience a demonstration of what it takes to coordinate various building systems with smart devices and data to create end-user experiences that will optimize resources and space. As a result, you can orchestrate massive amounts of data, integrate new sources, and customize reports for ESG or a Sustainability project. With Losant, we can provide a single pane of glass and integrate with other partners to solve the entire solution.

Visit Losant at Booth #535

Losant IoT Analytics Value

IoT Analytics Lifecycle – From Generating Data to Predicting the Future

Join Losant’s CPO, Brandon Cannaday, for this session. Brandon will provide an overview of the lifecycle stages and help you understand what stage your company is likely in, along with practical guidance to move up the value chain.

  • The lifecycle includes five stages: Generate, Collect, Analyze, React, and Predict.
  • Identifying the technology and process required to progress further down the lifecycle is critical for the success of IoT projects.
  • The best advice for traversing the analytics lifecycle is to start small.

Wednesday, November 2 at 2:40 - 3:05 PM CT
Industrial IoT/AI Track


With AI, Let’s See if We Can Predict How Long the Pump Should Run To Keep the Water Levels Equal

Losant and Elipsa seamlessly integrate to provide one of the most comprehensive data ingestion, storage, orchestration, and advanced analytics development platforms on the market. Losant's IoT platform directly integrates with Elipsa's AI platform to provide real-time predictions as IoT data is collected and processed. Losant and Elipsa's shared low-code approach to application development and analytics ensures companies experience the fastest time to market while delivering exceptional experiences to their customers. Visit Losant and Elipsa at Booth #535 to see AI and IoT integration with our water pump demo.

Elipsa AI & Losant
Losant Team at IoT World 2018

We Look Forward to Meeting You at IoT World

Schedule a meeting or just stop in our booth. A short IoT discussion about your project with our team will be well worth your time.

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