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Get Your Proof of Concept Up and Running in Hours, Not Weeks

IoT Proof of Concept Kits

Before committing to a large-scale, enterprise IoT solution, it’s a good idea to do a proof of concept. Using our proof of concept kits will allow you to do the following:

  • Experience a fully-functional solution in your environment with your team.
  • Quickly implement a solution with production-ready and industrial-grade hardware.
  • Learn how to use the Losant IoT platform to visualize and manage your data.
  • See results immediately – real-time data insights that can drive quicker business decisions.
  • Justify your IoT purchase with minimal entry investment.

Losant Is Your IoT Solution Provider

We want to ensure the success of your proof of concept. We're here to help. Do you have questions on the components, expand your kit or need help to get started? You can speak directly with an experienced solution engineer by indicating a convenient time to call you on the contact page.

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Monitor Your Data in Real-time

Your proof of concept kit is a fully configured IoT solution, which includes comprehensive dashboards to view your device data. No setup is required. Once you receive your kit, simply log in to your pre-configured Losant account and start viewing data in real-time.

Asset Tracker

Locate your equipment or merchandise in real-time with cellular-based GPS trackers and receive geofence based alerts.

Use Cases

  • Track the location of your vehicle fleets
  • Know the transportation route of your assets
  • Monitor your company vehicle locations

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Temperature Monitor

Detect fluctuations in temperature to maintain quality control or equipment.

Use Cases

  • Save your refrigerated inventory before temperatures are unsafe
  • Troubleshoot your quality control issues
  • Track historical temperature data for your customers

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How It Works

Our PoC kits include pre-configured hardware, connectivity, and Losant resources so that little-to-no setup is required by you. A significant kit component is a free 90-day fully functional license to the Losant IoT platform.

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Select one of our kits for your IoT solution. We’ll configure these kits to work out of the box, and ship them to you.


Install Hardware


Once you receive the kits, follow the instructions to install the hardware. You can customize a few settings in Losant.


View Your Dashboard


Log in to Losant and see your implemented IoT solution.

Losant Makes it Easy to Build an IoT Logistics Solution

Track freight and deliveries, all while reducing customer support costs. Check out our IoT in Logisitics Use Case to see how you can track your environment from anywhere in the world.

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