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Begin your digital transformation with The Losant Guide. Learn the forward-thinking process we use with clients to achieve successful IoT projects for OEMs/industrial IoT, smart environments, industrial equipment monitoring, and telecommunications. Get helpful guidance for introducing an application enablement platform to your enterprise.

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What Will I Get?

Read through our IoT use cases, learn more about how to execute an IoT proof of concept, and know when to engage partners from the IoT ecosystem.

  • Get a defined process for IoT implementation
  • Get questions to ask stakeholders in your organization
  • Get helpful ways to evaluate IoT partners

The purpose of this guide is to help others overcome common obstacles such as how to get started, opportunities for connected solutions, and defining success for your enterprise. Complete the form to receive our five-step process for IoT success.

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IoT Innovation Can Move Your Business Forward

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Insights From IoT Data Inspires New Connected Solutions


Industrial Equipment Monitoring Boosts Productivity


Supply Chain Transparency Benefits Every Sector


What To Look For in an IoT Platform Provider

An IoT platform is central to your IoT solution. Enterprises use it to collect, combine, and visualize data from disparate devices. IoT platforms provide security, storage, and help enterprises develop end-user experiences.

"...There's no one-size-fits-all organization out there who can provide hardware, connectivity, application development, and data analysis. Our partners have IoT knowledge, innovative teams, and stability, allowing you peace of mind that you're getting the right value all the way through the IoT stack..."


Partnerships Director

check Platform Evaluation Checklist
  • IoT knowledge
  • Stability
  • Functionality meets use case needs
  • See the complete list in the guide

Recommended Next Steps

  • Select partners based on the problem you identified in the first part of this guide and their industry expertise.
  • Identify and select a hardware partner or partners.
  • Identify and select the appropriate connectivity partner.
  • See the complete list in the guide.
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How an IoT Proof of Concept Works

The Losant IoT proof of concept process is divided into four phases. You can start quickly and define your timeline in the definition phase. Download the guide to get the complete details about each phase.









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Review the IoT PoC through CVG's Use Case

Get the full story of how Losant executed the IoT proof of concept process with the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). Discover how the airport turned an idea into a superior customer experience.

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The Often Overlooked Step: Pilot

The purpose of a PoC is to test out the technology and determine whether the solution your team has designed is capable of returning the data required for your organization. The purpose of a pilot is to test a solution with a small group of users in its actual environment. We encourage our clients to start with a small-scale rollout, or a pilot to eliminate any issues with hardware or operations in a limited group.

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Recommended Next Steps

  • Identify a volume or acceptable quantity to get a meaningful amount of feedback.
  • Tap manufacturing partners to do a small scale run - this is an opportunity to identify issues before moving to full production of custom IoT hardware.
  • Integrate a feedback mechanism to get information from users in the field.
  • See the complete list in the guide.

IoT Solution Production - Make it Real

We recommend creating your enterprise’s complete production plan (including requirements, timing, budget, and device quantities) after executing a successful proof of concept and pilot. Before proceeding to production, consider the following:


Project Volume

Use the results of the IoT PoC and pilot to gauge how many of each item you will need and how the hardware functioned in its intended environment.


Data Visualization

An IoT platform that brings millions of data points together should also be able to help your team quickly visualize and use data in reports, dashboards, graphs, maps or in other ways.


IoT Security

Every partner should have industry-standard encryption methods. We also recommend setting up audits from a third-party security firm.



A digital product requires new support options that may be different than your organization’s traditional processes.

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