Use Case: IoT in Logistics

Track your environment from anywhere in the world

Transportation & logistics leaders face increasing demands from the consumer and the market, including a growing need for more transparency and integrity control - the right products, at the right time, place, quantity, condition and at the right cost - all along the supply chain. End consumers are now expecting detailed shipment tracking to have visibility to real-time location and information.
The Internet of Things allows transportation, logistics and shipping companies from smaller regional companies to large, global, multi-facility enterprise companies to shift from estimated time of arrival to exact time of arrival, making literally every transit moment matter. Building solutions provides a global pulse on the whereabouts and condition of freight, fleet and people. No questions asked, the ever-availability of data reduces customer support costs, provides exact freight location, GPS validated arrival times and proof of delivery.


Freight Tracking

Know the exact arrival time of valuable freight with true end-to-end visibility.
Make better, faster decisions with continuously updated location data.


Proof of Delivery

Simplify customer service with location and time-stamped delivery verifications.
Get real-time visibility to all logistics with GPS validated proof of delivery systems.


Reduced Customer Support Costs

Reduce customer support overhead by putting real-time transparent data in the hands of customers.
Keep your customers happy and informed with intelligent freight and shipment data.