Introducing Dashboard Controls, Data Export, and Twilio Webhook Support

Brandon Cannaday
Brandon Cannaday | 1 minute read

We're excited to announce some major new features available to all users. Today's release includes dashboard input controls, data exporting, and support for properly handling incoming Twilio webhooks.

Dashboard Controls

You can now send device commands and trigger workflows from your dashboards. The new dashboard block allows you to configure and arrange any number of input controls.


In the above example, I have three sliders that represent the color of an LED. The button sends a command to the device that will change the pysical LED color.

Data Exporting

All device data can now be exported and deleted on the device page.


Data exporting can take several minutes, depending on how much data your device has. After you request the export, you'll receive an email shortly after with a link to download the data.

Exported data is in CSV format with columns for each attribute and a row for each reported state.

Twilio Webhook Support

Twilio expects a certain response when it invokes a webhook. Losant now implements this reponse format for you. You can now use Twilio's Programmable SMS features combined with Losant to build powerful SMS bots or other connected experiences.


What's Next?

With every new release, we really listen to your feedback. By combining your suggestions with our roadmap, we can continue to make the platform easy for you. Let us know what you think in theLosant Forums.