Introducing Losant Kiln – The Fastest Way To Build APIs for IoT Applications

Brandon Cannaday
Brandon Cannaday | 1 minute read

Today we launched Losant Kiln - the fastest way to build custom APIs and experiences on top of your IoT devices and data.


Custom APIs and Experiences for IoT

Kiln features are now available to all sandbox and organization users. You can find them under the new Experience menu in the Losant platform. Kiln allows you to quickly define and deliver custom API endpoints complete with end-user management and authentication.


The Kiln Complete Guide

In order to get up to speed quickly, we’ve created a complete walkthrough of how Kiln can be used to power the mobile experience for a consumer product.


What's Next?

With every new release, we really listen to your feedback. By combining your suggestions with our roadmap, we can continue to make the platform easy for you. Let us know what you think in the Losant Forums.