Introducing Experience Views: Publish Dashboards and Custom Pages to Your Users

Brandon Cannaday
Brandon Cannaday | 1 minute read

Experience Views add major new capability to your Losant applications. With Experience Views you can publish your dashboards and entirely custom web pages to your end users and customers.

By using Losant to deploy your application's custom experience, you'll see greatly reduced time to market, eliminated operational overhead, and a simplified developer toolchain.

Losant IoT platform customized dashboards

Experience Views integrate seamlessly with the Experience Users and Endpoints we launched earlier this year. Just as Experience Endpoints allowed you to create completely custom APIs for your applications, Experience Views allow you to build completely custom user interfaces.

To help you get up and running as fast as possible, Experience Views also launched with a new automated bootstrapping process. You can go through this process by clicking the "Experience" menu within your Losant application. This process will not conflict with any existing experience you may have already built. If you want to follow a step-by-step guide for building the example we bootstrap for you, please read our Experience Views Walkthrough.

If you do make an amazing experience, we want to see it! Please drop by our forums and show us what you made.

Other Updates

  • We've added a set of JWT Nodes to make creating, decoding, and verifying JSON Web Tokens much easier.
  • You can now export Data Tables to a CSV file for easy importing and processing by external tools.
  • You can now easily clone a device from an existing device. This new option can be found on your device properties page.

What's Next?

As always, many of our new features and improvements come directly from user suggestions. If you have something you'd like to see become part of our platform, please let us know in our forums.