What Type of IoT Solutions Are You Building?

CES® stands for innovators and the promise and power of technology. Are you looking to expand your business model with IoT? Losant can provide the power of a flexible and secure low-code IoT platform backed by a team of engineering innovators. As a result, we’ve helped our Fortune 500 clients reduce maintenance costs, refine internal processes, and create new revenue streams in a wide range of industries. Usability empowers our clients to innovate, scale, and deliver tailored solutions to their customers. So whether you want to meet over coffee or a beer, you’ll see why it’s a worthwhile meeting. We look forward to connecting with you.


Discuss Your IoT Vision With Us

Curious about how Losant can enhance your business? Meet with our team. Our engineers can discuss the proven process we use for IoT implementation success.

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Do You Want To Offer Uniquely Branded, Service-Based Solutions to Your Customers?

Our platform is ideal for businesses looking to deliver value to their customers. Enterprises can organize data and activate new offerings with Losant’s multi-tenant IoT platform. Let’s discuss how IoT could enhance your business model.

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Do You Have A Specific Use Case In Mind And Would Like To Discuss It With An Experienced IoT Solution Team?

We’ve developed effective solutions for OEMs, smart environments, telecommunications and for industrial equipment monitoring. Thirty minutes with our team can help you discover efficient IoT practices. Our experience has well-prepared us to help you identify the steps that will get your team to full-scale production.

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Does Your Dev Team Need To Build Solutions Easily and Without Complexity To Get Into Market Faster?

Losant is an easy-to-use and powerful enterprise IoT platform designed to help you quickly and securely build complex real-time connected solutions. We are lauded for our ease of use, drag-and-drop Workflow Engine, and thorough documentation, which is written by the engineers that built the platform.

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We Look Forward to Connecting With You


Charlie Key

Co-Founder and CEO

Charlie is the co-founder and CEO of Losant. He has worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies to build business-changing software and applications. His unique background as a CEO and engineer enables him to eloquently communicate how IoT can serve as a viable solution to everyday business challenges. Talk to Charlie about offering your clients a uniquely branded, service-based solution.

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Adam Daniel

Adam Daniel

VP of Enterprise Solutions

Adam is the VP of Enterprise Solutions for Losant. He helps clients build secure and scalable IoT solutions, even if they are unsure where to start. Using his experience, Adam can identify how our low-code approach to application development offers you a level of agility and speed to market that is hard to find anywhere else. Talk to Adam about our proven process for implementation success.

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Steve Mandery

Steve Mandery

Director of Business Development

Steve is the Director of Business Development for Losant. Using his experience with integrating IoT for new business opportunities and managing smart environment accounts, Steve can help you optimize resources, enhance security, and improve space efficiency. Talk to Steve about your environment.

Meet With Steve
John Scheels

John Scheels

Business Development

John Scheels is responsible for business development focused on OEMs and manufacturing. With experience in aligning IoT priorities between multiple departments at Fortune 500 companies, John can help you understand how to validate an investment in IoT. Talk to John about discovering your company’s opportunities in enterprise IoT.

Meet With John
Pat Hughes

Pat Hughes

Strategic Partner Manager

Pat Hughes leads strategic partnerships for Losant, engaging with ecosystem partners to bring end-to-end solutions to market. Losant partners with MNO, MVNO, and other connectivity providers looking to leverage Losant’s IoT platform for their commercial solutions. Verizon, Optus, Sigfox, and Ericsson are among those. Pat has 20+ years of experience in telecommunications and industrial IoT having brought solutions to market for Verizon and Qualcomm. Talk to Pat about potential Losant partner opportunities.

Meet With Pat
IMC IoT M2M Council CES 2022

Advantages for Smart Cities That Embrace IoT

Join Losant’s CEO, Charlie Key, for IoT in the Smart City at the IMC News Desk. Learn about how Cities are embracing IoT to conserve energy, optimize resources, enhance utility delivery, and improve the overall infrastructure to benefit citizens, communities, and businesses. Hear from the panel about numerous opportunities for innovation with IoT.

Wednesday, January 5 from 10:30-11:30 PT
IoT Infrastructure Pavilion/IoT News Desk
LVCC - North Hall

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