Case Study

Losant + ITT Ingenieria

ITT Ingenieria listened to customers’ requests for real-time monitoring of their assets using IoT. Using Losant's Enterprise IoT Platform, they expanded their offerings with IoT solutions that solve customers’ problems.



ITT Ingenieria helps companies structure, design, and construct infrastructure with maintenance and support services. They monitor, control, analyze, and predict risks for customers operations to optimize technology facilities and maximize reliability. Recently they added IoT capabilities to their portfolio.

The Problem

ITT Ingeniera’s customers wanted to have control and remotely monitor factors like temperature, humidity, geolocation, and energy. Knowing this information offers an opportunity to prevent, maintain, and optimize business practices for their customers. Previously, ITT Ingeniera had no way of adding this additional offering and began implementing an IoT solution using Losant to solve this.

The Briefing

ITT Ingeniera choose Losant because of its unique, low-code approach to application development offers a level of agility and speed to market that provided them the ability to support their customers IoT needs.

ITT Ingeniera needed these capabilities from an IoT platform:

  • A platform that is flexible and offers customization for each customer’s unique needs and industry.
  • A platform that has an affordable price point for companies.
  • A platform that is cohesive, has cloud deployment options, and has development tools like storage, databases, an intuitive development interface, and the ability to create uniquely branded domains.
  • A platform that is compatible with other development tools.
  • A platform with good support resources and extensive documentation.

After considering these factors, Losant’s platform and functionality was deemed the best option. Losant’s platform enables branded, multi-tenant applications has easy to interpret dashboards, thorough documentation, flexible deployment options, and the entire functionality of the platform are included without additional upgrades.

Losant Template-Asset-Tracker

ITT Ingeniera wanted to expand its business model and build IoT applications to support the growing IoT demand from its customers. They chose Losant because of its unique, low-code approach to app development, and it offers a unique branded view for its customers.

The Results

Using Losant’s platform, ITT Ingenieria built several custom IoT solutions for their customers, including:

  • A refrigerator temperature monitor solution for Bogota Secretary of Health.
  • A remote monitoring solution that offers data on electrical variables and geolocation for Bogota Free Zone.
  • A solution that offers real-time data on employee health and safety including social distancing and frequency of handwashing for Bolivar Construction.
  • A geolocation monitoring IoT solution for Barranquilla Free Zone.

The Next Objective

ITT Ingeniera’s goal is to continue to acquire new customers that have needs that can be solved with IoT solutions. They hope to scale the solutions they’ve built using Losant to bring more IoT products to their customers.

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