Solution Overview

Contact Tracing with IoT & Losant

The CDC has identified contact tracing as a key strategy for preventing the further spread of COVID-19. Take control of contact tracing in your facility. Proactively log close contact using small physical tags. Safely notify all associates who have been in contact with an infected person. Eliminate invasive privacy practices and concerns by utilizing this solution on enterprise property only.

  • Repurpose your investment post COVID-19
  • No phone or mobile app is required
  • Only close contact interactions are tracked, not locations
  • Tracing is limited to the work environment
  • Information is safely retained within the organization

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How Does it Work?

  1. Small physical hardware tags powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are distributed at workplace entrances which can be attached to people or objects (badge).
  2. When the tags come within contact - 10 feet or less for more than 60 seconds - it is stored on the device.
  3. Tags keep a log of all other tags encountered in real time. When the tag passes by a gateway, the log syncs with the cloud application.
  4. Once the tag is close enough to a BLE-enabled access point or gateway, the data is sent to Losant. Tag identity can be kept within a private database or within the platform.
  5. The Human Resources team can use the solution to identify and notify anyone that came in contact with an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19.
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Contact Tracing with IoT vs. Contact
Tracing Mobile Apps

Using contact tracing in your enterprise environment demonstrates a willingness to protect your environment. Mobile contact tracing apps are designed for the public, but to work effectively, every individual must have a Bluetooth-enabled phone and the same mobile application. Using Losant for your facility or campus enables one source of truth for contact interactions and a historical record of data to quickly notify your associates.


  • Enterprises can distribute a wearable device, or tag, and no download or mobile phone is required. An enterprise will maintain the log of tag assignments.
  • The physical tag uses Bluetooth to track contact with other physical tags. The tag does not track location of a person, only interactions. No tracing happens once tag is removed (outside of facility, outside of working hours).
  • An infected person must report their status to the HR team or to the team managing tags and tag identities.
  • In the event someone is infected, every person who has been in contact with the infected person’s tag will be notified to quarantine.

Mobile App

  • A state or local health department must initiate mobile app creation and encourage the public to download it.
  • A mobile app will use Bluetooth to log every phone that encounters another phone using numeric codes to encrypt identities. In order to function correctly, Bluetooth must always be on and the phone must have the same app.
  • An infected person must report their status on the app.
  • Every person who has the app and who has encountered an infected person’s phone will be notified to quarantine immediately through the app.

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