Accelerating Enterprise IoT With Arduino Pro and Losant Edge Compute

In this Webinar You Will Learn

  • Technical overview of the Arduino Portenta X8 and how it can apply to your use cases.
  • How to run the Losant Gateway Edge Agent (GEA) on the Portenta X8.
  • How to use Losant Edge Workflows to read Modbus data using the Portenta X8.
  • How to visualize Modbus data using Losant Dashboards.
  • How to create real-time alerts on Modbus data using Losant Application Workflows.

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Talk to a Losant IoT Expert

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What is Edge Computing

Extend the Reach of IoT With Edge Compute

  • Learn more about Edge Compute.
  • Explore the Losant Edge Agent.
  • See benefits of Edge Computing.
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Arduino Pro Portenta X8

Learn More About Arduino’s Powerful Portenta X8

  • Unleash the power of 9 cores with this powerful new board.
  • Be ready for the advent of secure Edge transformation.
  • Expand the horizon of Industry 4.0, smart city, and smart agriculture solutions.
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